How to Choose the Best Walking Sandals for Women

Everybody knows that ladies love collecting different pairs of footwear because she always make sure that her outfit for the day must fit with the occasion. For example, If you like cats and like themes on your footwear related to cats so you can get it from Catify Co or if you are going to an event, where you are putting on a formal or long gown attire, then you should put on a pair of shoes that will match your dress. Now, if you are going out for a walk, then be very sure that you are wearing the best walking sandals for women. Though sometimes, you may also put on a pair of rubber shoe or slipper.

Well, whatever you want to wear will always depend on your personal preference, anyway. However, it is important that this will make you feel comfortable and at ease. You may be walking for hours, right. But even after a long time wearing the sandals, it must not make you feel some pains and if there is, then it must be less. Now, how are you going to find this comfortable sandal? We have here a few tips for you to consider on how you are going to choose the best walking sandals for women.

Support and Comfort

Basically, you have to choose a pair of sandal with the best support and the ones that will give you comfort as well. Keep in mind that you may put on these sandals any time of the day and for various outdoor activities. So, how sure are you that this can manage your weight and support your feet? This will happen, if you are going to consider the support for your arch, the design of the foot bed and heel cup to name a few.

When it comes to the arch support, it must come with a good and the best quality. This will be very helpful in maintaining the alignment of the feet, comfortable walking experience and posture as well. Another important thing to consider that has something to do with the support is for the foot bed to have a good cushioning because this will be supporting your feet. If possible, choose the foot bed with curves.

And then, it must have a deep and really good heel cup because this will be holding the heels in place. It is also in-charge in supporting the sides. Another good thing about this is that, it helps in preventing the feet from rolling, especially when walking on a tough ground. Lastly, it would be great to have met pads to avoid feeling pains on the forefoot.


Look properly at the sole of the sandals and make sure that it is thick and made of rubber material. Aside from that, the sole must be designed with a deep grove as well as a pattern to experience stability when walking.


Of course, it is very important to have straps, so consider this, too. If possible these straps must be adjustable. This will surely give you a perfect fit, especially when your foot is a bit swollen. Make sure that it is not so thin, instead it must be thick enough.

When it comes to how the straps was made, make sure that it is not too tight or loose. This means that you must be able to put it on or off easily without exerting too much effort. This will make you feel at ease when entering a house or property, where you need to take off your shoes or sandals.


One of the most popular materials used in making a pair of sandal is leather. While other materials used are nylon, synthetic and rubber. Actually, the materials will depend on your personal choice, especially when you have skin conditions. Some of you may be allergic with leather or nylon. While others do not like wearing rubber because they do not like the smell that was produced due to some foot conditions.

Anyway, what is important here is for you to make sure that the walking sandals are built with quality. It has to be durable enough. Of course, you will not surely buy something that easily breaks.


The last thing that you may put into consideration is the design and style. I know that sometimes, you base your choice on the brand or manufacturer. But this must not be enough to choose one. Since you are a lady, then make sure that this pair of sandal is specifically designed for women. I am sure that sandals designed for men will not fit you well and may not really look pretty on you.

Just make sure that this will look great on your feet. Do not choose a design that is really cool and pretty, if it won’t make you feel comfortable as you walk along the road. Always choose the one with a good design and style that won’t hurt your feet.

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