How to Cut Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheet

There are various tools you can use to cut an aluminum diamond plate sheet. Although a table saw or circular saws are good options, a miter saw is the best tool for satisfactory performance. When cutting an aluminum diamond sheet, you need to use a blade specifically designed to cut non-ferrous metal. Here is a step-by-step procedure of how to cut aluminum diamond plate sheets. Let’s jump straight into the discussion.

What you’ll need

It’s important to gather everything you’ll need for the project before you start. It helps save time since you won’t have to stop your project midway from looking for the material. You’ll need the following items.

  • A clamp
  • Miter saw
  • Carbide tipped saw blade
  • Aluminum diamond sheet
  • Safety glasses
  • Lubricator preferably wax stick

If you’re not sure of the type of blade to use to cut the aluminum, you can talk to your attendant at the hardware store, and they’ll advise on the best blade. Fortunately, almost all blade manufacturers have special types for cutting non-ferrous metals like those from hcaluminum. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem getting one. It’s important to note that such a blade has a special design that incorporates top-quality carbide, a negative hook angle, and a triple chip top grind.

The process

Start by clamping the aluminum diamond in place. You should be careful so that the blade doesn’t seize the sheet. If this happens, it can pinch and damage the blade. Also, it can cause an accident and injure you. Before you start, ensure the clamp is firmly in place. Also, you should have the safety goggles on when cutting the aluminum diamond plate sheet since small particles may harm your eyes.

The next step is to lubricate the blade so that you can get a high-quality cut. There are various types of lubricants available in the stores; however, the best type is one that doesn’t stick on the blade and causes a mess. We recommend a wax stick since it works like WD-40 or special grease. Therefore, it’s easier to apply on the blade even when it’s spinning.

Lastly, adjust the right tooth count depending on the thickness of the metal that you’re cutting. Normally you’ll find that blade manufacturer may have blades with approximately two hundred teeth. These should be enough to cut a very thin aluminum sheet. However, in most instances, a carbide blade with approximately eight teeth per diameter can do an excellent job. For thicker aluminum metal which is more than 1/4″, you can use a blade with six teeth per diameter.


As you can see, cutting an aluminum diamond plate sheet is an easy procedure. You’ll need to have the right tools before you can start the project. The choice of the blade matters a lot when delivering satisfactory performance. However, first, check the thickness of your metal before buying the blade. Likewise, you’ll need a lubricant to get a high-quality cut. Safety comes first, and so you should observe all safety protocols before kick-starting your project.

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