Why Do I Need an Arborist to Trim My Trees? Can’t I Do It Myself?

While spending on property improvements rose by 3% last year, you might be looking for ways to trim costs. But there is one area where you should plan on investing in trimming. If you have trees on your property, it’s worth the cost of hiring an arborist.

Read on to learn why you need to contact an arborist for your tree care needs!

A Certified Arborist Has Expertise

Did you just move into a new home? When you land on a new property, you probably won’t know what types of trees you have — or if they’ve been cared for.

Arborist services can help you learn what you’re working with. They’ll tell you if you’re looking at ash trees or sycamore trees, and what you need to do to maintain or winterize them.

You’ll get an individual with training in arboriculture when you hire a certified arborist. They may hold a degree in forestry or landscape architecture. They may have additional credentials through a regional or national arborist organization. 

Get Help Diagnosing Tree Issues

You might notice that your tree has a slight lean, or perhaps its bark is peeling. Some signs of poor tree health might be obvious, but others require more knowledge. For instance, your tree might be rotting from the inside and you don’t even know it.

If you notice brown leaves or cankers on your tree, you’ll want a tree care professional to inspect them more closely. You might have pests taking up residence in your tree trunk. Or fungal or bacterial diseases might be keeping nutrients from reaching all of your tree’s branches. If you need tree care help, you can fill out this contact form.

A tree that is beyond repair or one that is near power lines might need to come down. That’s when you should turn to Bumble Bee Cairns for help with your tree service needs! 

Tree Cutting Professionals Ensure a Safe Experience

If you don’t have experience climbing trees and using safety equipment, you should enlist a certified arborist to do the job like a tree trimming company. They will have a harness, safety helmets, rope, and appropriate shoes. 

Do you know where a branch will land if you cut it? While hacking off a few branches might look doable, don’t risk a bad ending by doing it yourself. You could fall or cause a branch to fall on someone.

A failed attempt at pruning also could cause damage to your property or your neighbor’s. On top of that, you might do irreversible damage to a tree if you remove the wrong branches or too many. 

Some arborists will remove dead trees and their stumps, too. They’ll know how to operate a woodchipper or pulverize a stump. And they’ll be insured in case any accidents happen on the job. 

Hire an Arborist for the Best Results

When you enlist the help of an arborist, you can learn more about your existing trees — and how to keep them healthy. A trained arborist will know how to remove dead or dangerous limbs safely. Plus they’ll be able to help diagnose issues and advise on new tree options that would thrive.

For more tips to keep your property in good shape, check back soon for new articles. 

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