How to Find the Top Santa Clarita Janitorial Companies

Santa Clarita reported over 27,629 total Covid-19 positive cases in 2021. As businesses and non-profit facilities worldwide are gearing up to get back on track, it is essential to pay special attention to cleaning and sanitizing workspaces. Businesses are also expected to adhere to the strict CDC guidelines and protocols to mitigate the virus spread. 

Working with a top commercial janitorial company like will ensure that your workplaces and surfaces are clean and safe for your employees.

Quality of Services

Choosing a Santa Clarita janitorial company that pays close attention to your issues and your surfaces will improve your chances of staying safe. Over 35% of Santa Clarita residents are now vaccinated, and businesses in the city are expected to follow stringent safety guidelines. 

Patients who are vaccinated are still vulnerable to the Covid-19 infection, so you must take all necessary precautions. Speak to the company and see if they pay attention to every minor detail. A company that follows a thorough and comprehensive approach to cleaning might be your best pick.

Sanitization Measures

Before finalizing on a service provider, understand what specific sanitization measures they plan on taking. You could also try and find out what types of chemicals and equipment they will use to sanitize and disinfect your surfaces. 

If an employee in your building was infected, you might need specialized disinfection services to eliminate the possibility of future infections. Since the virus could be airborne, you may also want to ensure that the company provides biohazard sanitization and air cleaning services. 

The professional janitors should pay special attention to surfaces like switchboards, tabletops, handlebars, doorknobs, and other places or components that employees are likely to touch frequently.

Licenses and Authorizations

Ensure that the janitorial company holds all the required permits, licenses, and certifications. It takes skilled experts and professionals to provide biohazard and infection-related sanitization services. The company you pick should have employees who are trained and certified to carry out the service. Janitors in Santa Clarita are expected to be familiar with OSHA guidelines and suggestions. 

Emergency Services

A Covid-related emergency can pop up at any time. You may want to choose a janitorial company that is open 24/7. The experts should be capable of reaching your building on short notice in case of an emergency. Santa Clarita has a hot-humid climate. Studies show that viral infections spread faster in warm-weather areas. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the company you select provides emergency services.

Ratings of the Company

It’s recommended you select a company that at least has a 4/5 rating. Go through reviews and testimonials offered by former clients to understand if the company delivers on its promises. The company should display flexibility and be easy to work with.

Safety Measures are Vital

Santa Clarita has an approximate population of 212,979 and is one of the most populated cities in the US. Businesses operating in the city should be extra cautious and take all possible measures to ensure their employees are safe. Working with a reputed Santa Clarita Janitorial Service will help improve the safety levels of your office.

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