How To Get Your Kids Started In AAU Basketball

Physical activity is a necessary component of a child’s health, development, and education. Modern parenting places a top priority on assisting kids in incorporating it into their lives, but many parents are dismayed when their child expresses a lack of interest in sports. In this post, we’ll show you how to encourage your child to take part in sports, AUU basketball in particular, while still having fun.

The best way to get your kids started in AAU basketball is to share some interesting facts with them. GO through this article together with them and get them interested in the game.

What’s AAU basketball?

​​The Amateur Athletic Union is a sporting organization for young people. To put it another way, groups of players create independent teams that compete against other teams in AAU competitions. It aids the fundamental development of youth sports in a fantastic way.

Their vision statement states that it offers amateur players and volunteers the opportunity to flourish to their best level through a national and local network of athletic events. 

What are the basic rules?

As we all know, the 29.5 basketball is typically the ball used in all basketball games, however, for younger players and girls, the area is smaller and 27.5 basketball is used. 

The hoop is 18 inches in diameter and stands 10 feet off the ground (8 feet for really young players).

The dimension of the court varies according to the age group; normally, the court is 74 inches long by 42 inches broad at the young level.

The length of the game depends on your child’s level of competition. Usually, youth leagues play two twenty-minute halves with a running clock. Four quarters, each lasting eight minutes, are commonly played at the junior high and varsity levels.

Who can participate in AAU basketball?

Both boys and girls can participate in AAU basketball.

Boys can begin playing when they are seven years old and participate until they are twelve years old or nineteen years old and under division.

Girls can begin playing in the second grade and compete until they are in the 12th grade or 19 and under division.

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How to stay safe during the game?

Besides teaching your kids the basic rules, it’s advisable to let them know what are the injuries that can happen while playing any sport, so they will be more precautious and stay safe. 

Ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, hand injuries, and knee cartilage injuries are among the most common basketball injuries. Make sure your youngsters follow these guidelines to avoid harm.


Now that you know all the crucial things about AAU basketballs, get a coach, create a team, get some uniforms, and register by buying an AAU membership card. Don’t forget about the insurance expenses and tournament fees!

I hope that your kids will have lots of fun!

  • Warm-up! 

Warming up is perhaps the most talked-about way to avoid injuries, but it’s also the one that gets the least attention. No matter how many times you’ve heard about the significance of warming up, it’s impossible to overstate how accurate that is. Warm-ups not only stretch muscles and stimulate blood flow around the body, making muscles more warm and flexible, but they also help players psychologically and physically prepare for the game.

  • Protection

In order to avoid injuries when playing basketball, it is critical to have the correct protective gear. To avoid injury, players typically have elbow and knee pads, and some even wear cushioned shorts.

  • Rest

The majority of people are unaware of how critical rest is for an athlete’s physique. Injuries are more likely to take place if players do not take breaks.

  • Hydration

Ensure that your child is properly hydrated and that he or she is receiving the right nourishment to replenish and regenerate muscles.

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