6 Benefits of Hiring a Premises Liability Lawyer

Close to 432.2 million Americans lived in rented households in the year 2018. These renters spend a cumulative sum of over $504 billion on housing every year. During the tenancy period, a tenant may suffer injuries due to apparent negligence attributable to the property owner.

Are you a tenant in a residential or business premise? If an accident happens during your tenure and the fault in such cases was due to the property manager or owner’s negligence, you deserve compensation.

A premises liability lawyer assists you during such instances. Navigating the complex legal process after suffering an injury can be frustrating. The situation is worse when you need to recuperate from injuries sustained following such an accident.

If you have been wondering how the premises liability lawyer is able beneficial, then this article is for you. Read on for the benefits of a premises liability attorney.

1. A Premises Liability Lawyer Investigates Your Case  

The investigation process is one of the most critical roles of a premises liability lawyer. The attorney will use their experience to ensure a thorough investigation of your claim and the circumstances surrounding the case. The process of investigation includes obtaining copies of the accident report.

Experienced premise liability attorneys obtain copies of photographs, medical reports, and any other documentation that proves the accident occurred. If the accident was within a business premise, the attorney could source witness statements from your co-workers.

The lawyer may also visit the accident scene for additional information related to the actual cause of the accident. This investigation process is vital in determining the extent of liability attributed to the property managers.

2. Identifying All the Liable Parties  

When an accident happens within a rented premise, the extent of liability goes beyond one liable party. In some cases, the responsible parties may be several. However, it takes an experienced premises liability lawyer to identify all the liable parties beyond the premises manager.

If the process of identification can prove liability on multiple parties, your chance of compensation increases two-fold. As such, it would be integral to work with a seasoned premise liability attorney to help you spot all the liable parties following an accident. This will ensure you get a full settlement as you recover.

3. Valuation of Your Claim  

The legal process following an accident is often complicated. It takes an experienced lawyer to help you work around the situation. One of the hardest parts involves the quantification of your claim.

Lawyers consider a wide range of factors when valuing your claim. This helps to ensure that you get full compensation for what your claim is worth. Working with a lawyer who has been in the business for a long time will ensure that there’s adequate consideration of all the merits and demerits in your case.

The valuation process further seeks to ensure that you get full compensation for all the injuries incurred. Your lawyer will ensure that you can get back to the position you were in before the accident by pushing for fair compensation for the injuries.

4. Hire Expert Witness for You

Most people don’t know this, but it takes well-prepared witnesses to push your case and ensure full compensation. When you engage seasoned premise liability lawyers, they can help identify expert witnesses to help push your claim. A treating physician is among the expert witness who can tilt a premise liability case in your favor.

Accident reconstruction experts and flooring professionals are the other common experts that premise liability lawyers bring on board. The idea, in this case, is to ensure that your case is water-tight. With such expert witness information, you have a higher chance of winning the claim.

5. Negotiation for Settlement on Your Behalf

If you have been wondering what impact premises liability lawyers have when dealing with your case, this must be the most important. Premise liability lawyers play a crucial role when negotiating your claim during personal injury settlements. You need an experienced legal mind to ensure that you get full compensation for the injuries and damage caused.

Most seasoned premises attorney lawyers know the kind of arguments presented by adjusters during settlement proceedings and how to counter such proposals. With their years of experience, these lawyers can also work their way around disputes that may arise during negotiations.

It may be critical to work with an attorney ready to push a case to the trial stage more so when the offers are too low. Negotiations form the backbone of any premises liability case. As such, it would be imperative to only work with a lawyer who has an adequate background in handling and overturning such negotiations.

6. Helps You Filing a Lawsuit 

Your premises liability attorney can help you file a lawsuit in case push comes to shove. Even the most experienced attorneys, at times, face challenges during the process of negotiations. If an amicable settlement isn’t forthcoming, it’s okay to push your case forward through a lawsuit.

Most times, attorneys push for a lawsuit if the settlement terms are unfavorable. Working with a top-notch premises lawyer will ensure that you don’t settle for a low-deal when seeking compensation for the injuries or damages incurred during the accident.

The United States records close to 39.5 million cases of unintentional injuries each year. In some of these cases, a lawsuit leads to a fairer compensation plan for the injured. If the process of seeking personal injury settlements within the negotiation stage hits a snag, it will help to have a lawyer who can push your lawsuit forward.

Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer Today

Nobody anticipates being a victim of an accident, more so inside a residential or a business premise. However, when accidents happen, they leave behind personal injuries, a trail of property damages, and claims for compensation. If you suffer injuries or damages due to an accident within a building, you have a legal right to demand payment.

During such instances, a premises liability lawyer will be useful. Apart from investigating the claim, preparing witnesses, and helping with the settlement, a premises liability attorney can also help you file the lawsuit.

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