How to Kill Mosquito Larvae

Did you know there are two hundred different types of mosquitoes found in the United States? Regardless of which type of mosquito bites you, we all know the painful, itchy bites that come with them.

If you live in an area with a mosquito infestation, then it’s important to kill the pests when they’re in the larvae stage. That’s why we made this pest guide. In it, we’ll briefly go over how to kill mosquito larvae.

That way, you can enjoy the outdoors without constantly worrying about getting bit. Let’s get started!

Remove Standing Water

If you’re serious about killing mosquito larvae, then you need to target the areas where they lay larvae. The best place for them to do this is standing water.

And don’t think that it needs to be a pond or lake for them to lay larvae. All it takes is a puddle or a bucket of water. So, do your best to remove any standing water around your property.

If you have a small pond or similar body of water on your property, consider installing a fountain.

This will keep the water consistently moving. You should also target areas like leaf piles that stay consistently damp. This is also a prime spot for mosquito larvae.

Use Natural Solutions

If you’ve isolated where they are, then you can try to get rid of mosquito larvae with a natural solution. Thick substances that spread over the surface of the water are key to killing them.

This blocks off their breathing tubes and causes them to suffocate. Here are some of the things you can apply to the surface of the water:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Dish soap

Just remember that if you’re creating a large body of water, then you’ll need to apply more of each solution.

Hire a Professional

Mosquito larvae are notoriously hard to spot. For one thing, most people can’t even identify them. And, if you have a larger property, then you’re bound to miss some.

If you fall in this category, or you just want an easier solution, consider calling a professional. These pros have years of experience in the field.

That means they know exactly what to look for when searching for mosquito larvae. Look for services like Prodigy Pest that provide a guarantee that any mosquitos will be exterminated from your property.

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We hope this article helped you learn how to kill mosquito larvae. Remember that these pests aren’t just an annoyance. In some cases, they can be a public health concern.

So, make sure you follow the advice in this article to make sure that you eradicate them all. Did you appreciate this article? We have hundreds more just like it on our website, so keep exploring to find them.

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