How to Protect a Matte Finish on Your Car

If you’re looking to improve your matte car with a paint job, brace yourself. You could end up spending well over $1,000. And that’s for a relatively simple paint job without the bells and whistles.

The better option is to avoid the need for this expense by investing in routine matte paint care. Curious to learn more? Read on to learn how to protect a matte finish on your car!

Avoid the Carwash

It may be easier to head to the local car wash to clean your car. But when it comes to matte paint care, you’re better off hand washing your car at home.

The brushes and brooms in a standard car wash may scuff matte finishes on cars. On top of that, those brushes have come into contact with dozens of cars before your car enters the carwash. You may end up seeing new dirt or debris deposited on your car’s body.

Try crafting your own cleaning solution using vinegar and gentle dish soap. You’ll be able to cut through the grime without damaging the coating over the paint.

Remove Debris Immediately on a Matte Car

Did you just drive through a horde of gnats? Or did birds just do their business on your car? Don’t delay — clean up the mess now!

Look for non-abrasive cleaners designed for matte finishes on cars. Otherwise, you risk scratching the finish if you scrub too aggressively. The matte texture is more likely to attract and hold grime, so make sure you check your car after a long drive.

Protect Matte Finishes on Cars With a Wrap

As another option, consider going with a vinyl wrap to protect your matte vehicle finish. And choose XPEL paint protection to keep matte texture intact.

These self-healing wraps keep your car safe from stones, gravel, and other road debris. They are virtually unnoticeable, too, meaning that your unique matte finish won’t be compromised. And if you ever want to transform a glossy car into one that looks satin or matte, a car wrap can do the trick for far less than a new paint job!

Go With a Coating Over a Standard Wax

While waxing a glossy car might be the norm, steer clear of doing this on a matte vehicle finish. Instead, go with a specifically-formulated matte paint sealant coating. You’ll be able to preserve the matte finish since a coating repels water.

And don’t try to polish a matte finish on your car. While doing this can create a mirror finish on a standard paint job, it will wear away the matte texture.

And if you see any significant scratches, turn to the pros to mask the problem. Standard touch-up paint won’t match the muted quality of your matte finish, and it will call attention to itself.

Invest in Matte Paint Care

A matte car offers a trendy and sophisticated sense of style — if you care for it well. Be proactive about cleaning and use gentle sponges and cleansers. And look into adding a car wrap for a thin yet durable layer of protection.

Keep your car looking its best. Come back to find more articles on vehicle maintenance!

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