How to Soundproof Your Home Easily

Sound is the energy that results when something vibrates. The sound goes from the source through one or more media to our ears and then our brains. If you want to stop noise and can’t stop it at the source, you have to interrupt its path. 

If you’re wondering how to make your home quieter, you might want to look into methods suitable for soundproofing a home.

What is soundproofing? It’s a way to interrupt the path of sound before it reaches the inside of your home. Or on the other hand, keeps your noise from going out of your home. 

Do you have noisy neighbors? Do you have construction in the area or live near a busy street? Keep reading to learn how to soundproof your home for peace and tranquility. 

How to Tune Out Sounds

If you wish to keep sounds out of your home, you can start with the exterior of your home. 

Fix cracks and holes in your walls and around the windows. 

Replace your windows with double or triple-paned windows with PVC frames. 

Do you have hollow doors? Opt for solid doors to keep sound from traveling through to other rooms. 

You can get a sound-blocking exterior door and use weather stripping to make sure it’s sealed to keep out the weather as well as sound. 

Insulate your walls and your ceiling with neoprene rubber or viscoelastic foam to help reduce noise pollution.

An extra layer of drywall on your exterior walls is a very effective sound barrier. 

Add a cap to your chimney and low-profile baffled vents to the roof to block those direct noise routes. 

How to Make Your Home Quieter

If you are reluctant to change out windows or take another above approach, you can make your home quieter in some less expensive ways. 

Use thick rugs to absorb sound. Big furniture pieces will do the same. 

Get a bookshelf to put along a wall where the sound is coming into your home. Fill it with your book collection to block out the noise. 

Put some heavy curtains or decorative shutters on your windows to create a noise barrier. 

Buy quieter appliances or situate them away from the wall to stop the amplification of the sounds they make. 

Place rubber matting under your washer and dryer to absorb the sound. 

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How to Soundproof 

Now that you know how to soundproof a home, which methods will you try? Or will you leave it to a professional? Either way, you’ll be on your way to a quieter home environment. 

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