Insulin Syringe Types and How to Choose the Right One

Curious about insulin syringe types? The fact is, not all insulin syringe types are the same. They come in many different types, and each type has a specific purpose.

When shopping for insulin syringes, you’ll need to know about the purpose behind each design. Some may work for you, and other designs might meet your needs a little better.

If you’ve been looking for new insulin syringes, keep scrolling. In this article, we are going over the different syringe types and how to choose the right one.

The Importance of Using the Right Syringe

Syringes are used very various medications from insulin to bacteriostatic water for injection. Choosing the right syringe does matter when it comes to insulin injection. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to syringes is to choose the smallest size that is large enough to hold the biggest dose you take.

When the syringe is smaller, it makes it easier to read the markings so you can draw up the most accurate dose.

Parts of an Insulin Syringe

If you want to know more about the differences in syringe types, you’ll need to know what parts make the syringe. Below we’ll discuss every part of a syringe.


The needle is the hollow thin tube that punctures the skin to deliver the injection. The tube is made of stainless steel and has a bevel at the end, so it punctures the skin smoothly.


The Barrel is the cylindrical chamber that holds the inline. It has markings on the outside to indicate how many units are in the barrel.


The plunger is the rod that slides down and up within the barrel. The plunger is used to draw insulin into the barrel or push the insulin out. There is a rubber gasket around the end to ensure the insulin never leaks out of the barrel.

Insulin Syringe Types

Insulin syringes come in 3 common sizes. Here are the specifics for each size and how each size can help you with your injections.

3/10ml Syringe

A 3/10ml syringe can draw up to 30 units of insulin. This size is also measured as 0.3ml. If your dosage is 30 units or less, this is the one you’ll want.

1/2ml Syringe

1/2ml draws 50 units of insulin. If your dosage is from 31 and 50 units this is the size you’ll want to use. This syringe is also called a 0.5ml  syringe.

1.0ml Syringe

This is one of the bigger most common syringes. This syringe draws up to hundred units of insulin. If you use higher doses of insulin, choose the 1ml.

Which Insulin Syringe Is Best for Me?

This question depends on how much insulin units you take. If you take high quantities of insulin, choose a 1ml syringe. If you take smaller doses, choose 3/10ml or 1/2ml.

Whichever you choose make sure the markings are clear and the manufacturer has a reputable reputation. Go online and look at reviews to influence your decision.

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