Interesting facts about the pharma business

The global pharmaceutical business is currently at its apogee. Sometimes it is surprising to see two such pillars as evidence-based medicine, official protocols, and new developments collide. Countless pharmaceutical companies are trying their best to satisfy the consumer. And as you know, the customer’s needs are very diverse. Looking at the Medsmex online Mexican pharmacy page, you can trace the intertwining of a variety of trends by analyzing the top positions that are constantly at the peak of sales.

Features of American and Mexican pharmacies

The American and Mexican pharmacy businesses differ significantly, despite the proximity of their locations. For example, a certified Mexican pharmacy can sometimes offer a much wider range of products than a U.S. pharmacy.

It’s all about licensing and certification of medicines. All over the world, the procedure for recognizing a drug as a medicine is a costly and time-consuming process. Some manufacturers cheat by marketing their invention as a dietary supplement. In America, an organization called the FDA handles this. Although the FDA is a drug regulatory agency, it does not license drugs on its own. But to pass the control as a food product can almost anything. And even if the composition of a drug does not match the one declared by the manufacturer, the responsibility for this is purely formal – an injunction to correct it. But it is much easier to rebrand and register the same thing, only in a slightly modified form.

But not everything is as easy as it may seem at first sight. Such a procedure can take place not with all active substances. There is a whole list of things that are subject to compulsory licensing with extensive randomized clinical trials preceding them. The best Mexican online pharmacies carry many U.S.-certified products, as well as those that have been registered domestically. Of course, the requirements in Mexico are a little more lenient, but not so lenient that they sell blatantly ineffective pacifiers.

A little more about the pharmaceutical business

As we said above, the U.S. pharmaceutical business, like offline and online Mexican pharmacies, is oversaturated because of the high demand for a wide variety of drug groups.

According to statistics, at least 30 million Americans now take a variety of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. Most all these drugs are in demand among middle-aged women, mostly during premenopause and the onset of menopause.

If we analyze online purchases from U.S. and Mexican pharmacies, at least 75% of the global turnover of pain medications is sold there. It may also be since virtually the only over-the-counter drugs are paracetamol and ibuprofen, which are also painkillers.

The sad fact is that one person dies every 20 minutes from an overdose of drugs, which is five times higher than 40 years ago. People also sin by taking all sorts of drugs without a doctor’s prescription, and taking even over-the-counter medication uncontrollably can have very dire consequences.

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