Joan Crawford Vin Scully Biography

Joan Crawford Vin Scully who is an American film and TV actress was born within 1904 – 1908. Her birth year was uncertain, but she claimed that her birth year was 1908. Joan Crawford was a dancer before starting her acting career. Besides, she was a stage showgirl too.

Joan Crawford Vin Scully

Joan Crawford Vin Scully – Biography

Early Life

Joan was born in Lucille Fay LeSueur in San Antonio which is located in Texas. She is third and youngest child of their family. Her father name was Thomas E. LeSueur who was a laundry labor. On the other hand, her mother name was Anna Bell Johnson . Her father left them a couple of months before her birth.


Joan Crawford started her career as a dancer in the choruses of traveling revues. Jacob Shubert saw her in Detroit when she was dancing. After that, Jacob included her for his 1924 show in the chorus.

Lady of The Night was Crawford’s first film. Besides, she also acted in the Pretty Ladies, Zasu Pits, and The Circle etc.

On January 8, 1939, Joan Crawford Vin Scully worked in The Screen Guild Theater which was a radio series.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Joan Crawford

Date of Birth: Uncertain (Between 1904 to 1908)

Death: 1972

Occupation: Film & TV actress

Mother: Anna Bell Johnson

Father: Lucille Fay LeSueur

Siblings: Daisy LeSueur, Hal LeSueur

Joan Crawford Vin Scully Net Worth: N/A

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