Launching Your Campaign with Promotional Codes: What You Need To Know!

Promotional codes are one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand and track marketing ROI. Technically, they are touted as the alphanumeric strings that brands (especially online stores) offer to woo customers and increase their sales. Promotional codes are often associated with the overarching marketing strategy to encourage the purchase. Customers can use these promo codes to redeem deals and special discounts. This makes promo codes flexible, and customers can use them on a tablet, mobile and as barcodes and QR codes.

Here are few marketing goals you can achieve using the Promo codes:

  • Increase brand awareness and brand loyalty
  • Increased online followers
  • Direct users to the point of sale
  • Collect customer information
  • Qualify sales leads
  • Measuring the ROI to improve your future marketing campaigns

How Do Promo Codes Work: 

Promo code discount should either be in percentage or in dollar amount. Some codes like olivers promo code offer huge discounts, free shipping or free gift-wrapping. Doing this will give buyers another reason to make a purchase. Promo codes are also called coupon codes or discount codes to boost marketing.

Why Do The Promotional Codes Work? 

When an online brand launches its promotional code, they give clients the incentives to make the purchase, which help not only businesses but also the customers. Customers get what they want at a lower price, and the store gets their customers. Another profitable thing about these codes is that they work for both new and returning clients.

Difference Between The Promotional Codes And Discount Coupons? 

While people mostly think that coupons and discount codes are the same, there are some differences that will help you plan your marketing campaign with precision.

  • Coupon: A Coupon is often an image with a message that you give to users when they take part in the promotion. Also, users can redeem coupon anytime to get a discount when buying something special. They are generally visuals and come in the form of flyer, cut-outs, PDFs or images that you can also share on social media.
  • Promo Code, on the other hand, is a specific, verifiable alphanumeric code that users can redeem as a deal, discount or free gift. Unlike coupons that you can pass to someone else, codes can be shared with specific users. This further protects the business from people who temper, copy or reuse the coupons. Also, they are lightweight, can be adapted in various formats and are traceable.

Unique Promo Code Vs Generic Codes: 

Generic codes have been in demand for the past many years, but now their popularity has been decreased. Shoppers now expect personalized discounts; in fact, if stats are to be believed, the generic coupons no longer help you stand out of the crowd.

Marketing And Promotional Codes: 

Promotional codes are one of the best ways to track your marketing efforts to know which platforms have high conversions and high traffic. You can also keep an eye on your business marketing by attaching a promo with your marketing campaign. Moreover, different codes can offer the same discount, which means you don’t have to give every offer a suitable discount/promo.

Types Of Promo Codes: 

  • Public Codes: These are open to the public, and anyone can see them. They help to attract new customers and encouraging the old employees to come back.
  • Private Codes: These codes are used by store owners to target a specific group of buyers. These codes are provided to loyal customers for offering special shopping opportunities. Private codes are also good to attract new customers by luring them with first-time discounts and more.
  • Restricted Codes: Restricted codes are targeted to single users and can be used only once. For instance, you can send the restricted code as a thank you for being a loyal customer or as an apology for the broken product.

If you want to be successful, you need to understand the promo codes as you want both clients and sales!

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