Pain Management Treatment in Atlanta GA Keeps Cluster Headaches Away

Experiencing headaches is something that most people around the globe encounter, at least once or twice in their lifetime. So many people across the United States say they have them on a regular basis. The fact remains that there are many causes and types of headaches, but one that stands out as a debilitating one is cluster headaches. If you ignore this problem and do not address it on time, it simply turns into an inherent nightmare. Most people are not aware of cluster headaches, the treatment, and the causes. However, if you find yourself experiencing it, it is best that you find ways to get rid of the root cause of the problem.

Another name for cluster headaches is “suicide” headaches, which implies they lead to disconcerting experiences. Most people also tend to describe this pain as an unbearable one that just does not subside. However, the good news is that through pain management treatment Atlanta GA, it is possible to reverse the pain with no damage.

Cluster Headaches Away

Cluster Headaches: What Happens?

According to specialists, cluster headaches are not so common, with about 1% of people experiencing it. Statistical records also show that about 85% of men are more likely to encounter it, and about 15% women. However, unlike the gradual onset of headaches like migraines, the onset of cluster headaches is an immediate one with extreme pain.

According to experienced specialists, such as those at Kroll Care, this goes by the name cluster because it occurs in multiples and follows a particular pattern. You will feel headaches for sometimes with relief on and off. This cycle continues and the minimum duration it lasts for can range from 15 minutes to about 3 hours.

The people who encounter this kind of pain on a regular basis say that it feels as though a hot poker remains stuck in their eye. This intense pain affects one eye and extends to the cheek, neck, and forehead. It affects the nose causing pain and results in nausea and vomiting. Until date, there is no particular cause for the aches, but the experience tends to be a cyclical one that appears at the same time each year. However, there is a common lapse of years between the cluster ache experiences.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches arguably come with severe pain that finds its way at the back of the head and settles behind the eye. The fact that it occurs without any form of warning makes it an even more disconcerting one. According to some specialists, over the counter medications (OTC) medications are not as effective, considering they require some time to act with symptoms subsiding on their own. One of the first options you need to try, especially if you want a natural, non-invasive diagnosis and treatment to ensure the pain does not affect you in the future again.

Here are some of the top suggestions.

1. Consult an Experienced Chiropractor

One of the most common and popular options to keep cluster headaches away includes seeking the help of an experienced chiropractor. Such professionals can use therapies to modify the course of a headache and work to give you immediate relief from pain. The role of such experts is not to hand you prescriptions, but they help by making the appropriate structural changes a more effective option in terms of treatment.

When you choose chiropractors, you need to know their work lies on the principle that the spine consists of multiple vertebra and bones, including nerves that exist in between. When they come between the spines, they end up compressing, causing the symptoms of problems like a cluster headache. The role of a skilled chiropractor here is to work on correcting the deformities of the spine and reverse all the possible symptoms that these headaches bring. When the spinal cord slips to its natural alignment through safe manipulations, it helps to reduce compressions and reverse all the symptoms.

2. Sufficient Sleep

Another common reason people experience cluster headaches is due to stress. The best solution here s to simply bust all your stress away through getting enough sleep. In a day, you need to give your body a minimum time of about eight hours of sleep (uninterrupted) every night. Research also shows that not having enough sleep can activate the alert response of your body, thereby leading to increased levels of stress and triggering this headache. Let your mind and body rest, don’t drink too much coffee in your house.

3. Stick to a Balanced Diet

To remain healthy, you have to make sure that you scratch out skipping meals. It is vital that you consume meals that have low-fat content in them and consume more of carbohydrates. Stick to fresh vegetables as well as fish, which serve as a strong anti-inflammatory remedy. You need to avoid the consumption of coffee, which can aggravate a cluster headache. Drink more water and juices to keep your body hydrated. You should also try to maintain your ideal weight, as obesity can trigger the increase of the cluster headache intensity.

One of the best ways to keep cluster headaches is by avoiding any form of stress in your life. You need to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle and consult a chiropractor near you to get relief within no time.

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