Points to Check Before Bulk Ordering Promotional Caps

Caps are one of the most popular forms of promotional items. Being an exciting piece of accessory, they are liked by most people. Caps are also not bulky and are easy to distribute, thereby making them an exciting item for promotional purposes.  By bulk ordering promotional caps and distributing them, you can create a strong brand awareness for your company.

Your brand will get tremendous exposure by a single bulk order of this promotional headgear. Here are some points to check before bulk ordering them.

Purpose of the Campaign

Marketers have some objectives in mind when ordering custom caps. For example, you may want to give out customised caps at conferences or trade shows, or you may distribute them to promote your products or services. The campaign’s purpose will determine the overall design and what message will be imprinted on the caps.

Target Audience

Designing promotional caps is easy when you know your target audience and how they might use the caps. If your target audience is the young generation, you can opt for trendy styles and designs. Simple cotton caps would be more effective if you have a mixed target audience.

If you target sportspersons or adventure-loving people, it is important to ensure the caps are built with strong and durable material and will last long. Knowing your target audience helps design caps that provide the best value to your target audience and be more effective in achieving its objective. If your target audience loves your custom caps, they are likely to wear them more often, maximising your brand’s visibility.

One of the advantages of custom caps is that even if the recipient does not like it, someone from their friends or family is more likely to wear it.

Printing Options

When designing custom caps, you have two printing options- embroidery and screen printing. Silkscreen printing works best for caps with more panels. Embroidery makes the cap look high-value and also makes the design sophisticated. Embroidery is more expensive than screen printing, but people love wearing caps with embroidery due to the look factor.

Different Trends and Styles

Fashion trends are important, and you must consider them when ordering bulk custom caps. Research current trends and styles in caps and incorporate that style in your custom promotional caps.

You may think all caps look the same, but you can see several caps styles in vogue today. For example, ball caps and bucket hats were popular in the 90s, while trucker hats became popular in the 2000s.

Knowing about different caps styles is also necessary as the style should suit your brand image. Here are a few caps styles you can consider while bulk ordering custom caps.

  • Baseball Caps

They are most common and popular in every generation. It has the right style and shape and provides a larger area to add decorative elements. Baseball caps are made from breathable material that makes them comfortable to wear. It has a fitted design and a contemporary style.

You can choose between traditional style and modern style in baseball caps. The classic style is wool, while the contemporary style is synthetic material or cotton.

  • Dad Caps

These caps are fashion rage, and you will find many Hollywood celebrities wearing these caps. Some of the celebrities who have been clicked wearing dad caps are Miranda Kerr, BehatiPrinsloo, and many more, recognised as fashion icons today.

To sum up, these are some points to check when bulk ordering custom caps to promote your brand.

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