Set Yourself Up For Success, and Your Baby Will Flourish as Well

If You’re Low, You Can’t Lift People Up

How can you support someone else if you can’t support yourself? It’s a good question, and worth considering. To help your community, you need to put yourself in a strong position first. Your newborn is part of your family, and therefore part of your community. To be the best mom you can be will require making yourself strong enough to be a good mom.

Essentially, if you take steps to be a successful person when you have a baby, they will naturally be more healthy owing to the good circumstances in which they will bear. What they do when they grow up is anyone’s guess, but at minimum, you can give them a good head start. Following are three considerations that direction for new mothers.

Be There: The More Present You Are, the Better—For A While

Helicopter parents actually make it harder for children to develop in terms of maturity on their own. But absent parents keep children from fully developing in their young years. There’s a balance here. New mothers should be ever-present in their child’s life for the first several years after birth.

Whether you pull back when the child is five or six, or after weaning directly, may depend on you. Still, they say that it’s a good idea to breastfeed up to 2 years. Doing so requires being there almost 24/7, depending on your situation. So when your baby is born, find ways of being there as much as you can up until you wean them, and even for a while after that.

As your child becomes more independent, it’s good to pull back a little; but be gradual about it. Don’t just shock your child incidentally because they pass a rubicon of self-consciousness.

Don’t Use Formula if Possible, Breastfeed as You Can

The formula doesn’t include biological compounds or healthy digestive microorganisms that your baby needs. When you breastfeed, you’re giving your baby a health formula tailor-made for them at the genetic level. The thing is, sometimes it’s hard to produce milk. Here’s a link to a site full of breastfeeding pros that can help you increase milk supply.

Avoid Going it Alone: Get Advice From Experienced Parents

There are thousands of years of parenting knowledge available in the world today. There’s no reason for you to go it alone. Get help from friends and family, seek advice through parental support groups, and find ways of augmenting your parenting to include all available options; at least, those which are conducive to health and wellness for you and yours.

A Healthier Baby, and a Healthier You

Working with the experts helps you avoid issues you wouldn’t even have known would crop up otherwise. Breastfeeding is definitely healthier than formula, if you can breastfeed, you should. Finally, be as present as you can until your child matures to a certain level. Such moves are good for you and your baby.

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