Stop Fatigue in Its Tracks: 4 Great Natural Energy Supplements

Coffee is America’s unofficial morning drink with some 150 million people waking up to a cup of Joe every day.

These people, on average, then go on to have two more cups throughout the day. Coffee gives a quick shot of caffeine to fight fatigue and stimulates the mind and metabolism. But it comes with downsides.

People who drink too much coffee, or are especially susceptible to caffeine’s side effects, can get the jitters, headaches, and become irritable.

For others, bitter coffee leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

So many people are turning to other natural energy supplements for relief from fatigue. And these supplements can be tailored to stimulate specific reactions. From stress relievers to brain simulators, the wealth of natural alternatives to caffeine abound.

In the following article, we’ll examine five natural supplements for energy that gives coffee a run for its money.

What Is fatigue?

Before we discuss how to combat fatigue, let’s spend a moment looking at the cause of this energy sapper. Fatigue is a condition that generally describes overall tiredness and a lack of energy.

Fatigue can stem from several medical conditions but is most common with people who have a poor diet and don’t exercise regularly.

If you are plagued by persistent, constant fatigue, consult a physician on how to improve your overall health before relying on these natural supplements to fight the condition.

  1. Vitamin B12

B-12 is one of the eight B vitamins that help process food and sugar in your diet. Also known as cobalamin, B-12 helps with energy production and concentration, memory, and mood.

You might call it the anti-caffeine if you could brew it and drink it with half and half.

The vitamin is also naturally occurring, and you can find it in such foods as dairy products, eggs, some meats, and fish. This shake has similar properties to B-12 has a protein pop for muscle growth.

  1. Ginseng Natural Energy Supplements

Ginseng is derived from a plant that grows throughout Asia and is a common homeopathic remedy there.

Not only does Ginseng give users a boost of energy, but it helps reduce stress levels. It combats fatigue and stress by helping the body eliminate blood toxins and radicals.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is another energy boost supplement derived from a plant from Asia. It’s one of a family of plants that, when consumed, serve as powerful antioxidants.

Antioxidants coral free radicals in the blood that cause cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Not only is Ginkgo Biloba great as an antioxidant, but it also helps improve brain health and increases mental alertness and energy.

  1. Ginger Root

If you are already getting plenty of exercises or have started a new cardio regiment and are experiencing muscle fatigue, consider adding ginger to your recovery regimen.

By adding ginger to a postworkout smoothie, you can help increase muscle recovery time and boost your overall energy levels.

Break the Routine

Natural energy supplements are a great way to fight fatigue throughout your body and help improve your circulatory and immune systems’ effectiveness.

As you’ve read above, many of the caffeine alternatives we turn to in order to combat fatigue also have health benefits well beyond that of boosting energy levels.

To narrow down your choices, do a self-assessment on what lifestyle areas you hope to improve. This way, you’ll help tailor the proper natural supplements for energy and concentration to your needs.

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