The 5 most common mistakes when buying a helmet

It is not the first time that are going to remind you that choosing the right motorcycle helmet is essential. In addition to being mandatory, it is one of the most important elements in terms of active safety and can save our lives.

However, the choice is not always easy, and there is always the possibility that we are wrong.

For this reason, we will tell you about the mistakes that we must avoid when buying a helmet, so as not to fall into them. What are the advice they give us? Let’s see them.

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The 5 most common mistakes when buying a helmet

The price

The list begins with the first factor: price. Many times we only look at the price and do not analyze anything else.

Broadly speaking, the price of helmets depends on the type of helmet and the material chosen for the shell (thermoplastic resin, fiber or carbon).

As you can surely imagine, fiber and carbon fiber are materials with a higher resistance to impacts and are usually lighter than thermoplastic resin.

Thus, it is common to see users who, on a tight budget, prefer a thermoplastic helmet without taking into account that perhaps, for a little more, they can opt for another fiberglass.

Also keep in mind that, generally, the helmet graphics (as my mother says: “the colors”) of a pilot or a limited edition, usually have a higher price than a solid color helmet.

Analyze your needs

What helmet should I choose? Integral, jet or modular? For this it is necessary that, before buying the next helmet, always analyze what is best for us and remember why you’re buying this.

Do I drive around the city daily? Do I travel with my motorcycle to the end of the world? What type of motorcycle do I have? Naked, touring, maxi-scooter, etc.

All this influences the type of helmet that we must buy. Obviously, if we do many motorcycle routes, it is better not to buy a jet helmet since we would look for a silent and maximum safety model. A modular helmet would not be a good choice if we have a naked and want a silent helmet.

Not guessing the size of the helmet

Not getting the helmet size right is also another of the most common mistakes when buying a helmet. Whether a helmet is too loose or too small has a direct impact on our comfort and safety.

The helmet must be well fixed when we put it on and must not move. For this, there are manufacturers’ size guides.

Spare parts available

You can overlook us but the ideal is that the helmet we buy is from a brand of guarantees. A first brand.

Because it is important? Because, generally, they tend to be of higher quality and tend to offer better availability of spare parts, after-sales service is usually effective, etc.

Remember that every so often it is ideal to renew the interiors, since over time they give way and, even if you clean them, you do not recover the wear.

By the way, do not forget either that the motorcycle helmet expires so, yes or yes, we should renew it from time to time.

Double buckle closure or micrometric closure

It is also common not to take into account the closure of the helmet. There are two types of closure: the double buckle closure and the micrometric closure. One, the safest on the market, and the other much faster to tie and more practical.

If we are going to do batches with a sports bike on the track, the only one allowed for this is the double buckle closure. To move around the city perhaps the micrometric is a more comfortable option.

Check the approval

It is essential, and mandatory, that the helmet we wear is correctly approved. To find out if it has the relevant homologation, we only have to look if the code 22.05 appears on the label, the current European regulation.

So, next time keep all these are the 5 most common mistakes in mind when buying a helmet for yourself or for your loved ones.  And for you, what are they?

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