The 8 Best Digital Learning Tools for Kids

With the shape of education rapidly changing, more and more people are turning to online learning tools for kids to help enhance their education.

Digital learning tools are not new, with many on our list dating back to the late ’90s. But as technology advances, so does online tutoring for kids.

So read on to learn some of the best digital learning tools that are sure to advance your child’s learning.

  1. ABC Mouse

With an astonishing wide curriculum, it’s no wonder why ABC Mouse is becoming a household name. At $9.95 per month with no ads, ABC mouse offers instruction in reading, math, science, art, and social studies. Kids from 2 to 8 years old love the highly interactive activities and internal reward system.

  1. Cool Math

This free learning tool focuses exclusively on the historically not-so-cool subject of math. Cool Math manages to present more difficult subject matter like pre-algebra, algebra, and calculus in a cool way!

The fun animations and problem presentation makes this one of the most enjoyable tools for learning math

  1. Starfall

When it comes to helpful learning tools for kids, Starfall is at the top of the list.

The educational process is mostly game-based and focuses on areas of reading, math, art, and languages. It is great for kids from grades K-3, and for those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

  1. PBS Kids

The Public Broadcast Service is known as “America’s largest classroom” for good reason. Their online learning service is basically an online preschool, aimed at sparking youngsters’ curiosity, imagination, and critical thinking skills.

PBS Kids takes a holistic approach to knowledge accumulation by aiding in the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social, aspects of development.

  1. Brainpop

Brainpop stands out for focusing on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subject matter and is a great accompaniment for the biology-based content at

Brainpop reaches kids from preschool to middle school. If you think that the engineering design process, computer programming, and the scientific method are too advanced for kindergartners, you might be surprised when you see Brainpop’s unique and approachable teaching methods.

  1. Highlights Kids

Highlights Kids is a nostalgic source of learning for many of today’s parents, as they were likely to read the magazine during their schooling days.

The website is filled with fun games, videos, jokes, and online activities with an educational flair. Highlight’s mission is not purely academic but aimed at fostering an engaging and delightful joy for learning.

  1. National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids is great for 10-year-olds and up to get a better idea of the world around them. The website is chock-full of videos and reading material on topics like science, animals, the environment, and experiments.

It’s free to use and constantly updated with new content.

  1. FunBrain

FunBrian is a collective of fun and interactive games aimed at making learning fun. Spanning from PreK to 8th grade, FunBrain showcases fun games and reading material whose content and difficulty are relevant to the grade level. FunBrain does what its name says and makes learning fun!

The Best Digital Learning Tools

There are many digital learning tools available to children today. You are sure to find one that satisfies their curiosity and needs. Learning doesn’t have to be a challenge or boring and all of the sites on our list make learning enjoyable.

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