The Best IDX Plugins for Real Estate Websites

When you want to build a website for your real estate business, it is so easy to go with one of the sitebuilders that are industry-specific. They generally have the tools needed by any agency.

But their limited templates leave almost every real estate website looking the same. Closed platforms also make it difficult to bring in customize for lead capture or connect to your CRM.

These factors might have you weighing a switch to WordPress to run your site. The most common feature on a real estate website is property listings, and an IDX plugin can add them to your new site.

How to Choose Between IDX Plugins

The best IDX WordPress plugin will give you pictures, neighborhood information, videos, and market info. Other features to look for include how it connects to your MLS, lead generation tools, and marketing automation.

Keep in mind that plugins can come and go. Early WP real estate sites used the Placester IDX WordPress plugin since they were familiar with Placester’s sitebuilder. But Placester decided to focus on its builder and that plugin is no longer available.

Here are a few of the best IDX plugins to consider.

IDX Broker Platinum Plugin

This plugin is one of the powerhouses, connected to one of the largest and most established IDX vendors. It offers features such as social media integration and has great scalability.

Because it’s one of the biggest, it has some of the best MLS coverage out there and integrates well with other tools. The upgrade to platinum has made the plugin easier to set up and more straightforward to use.

iHomeFinder + Optima

The other big player in the market is iHomeFinder with the Optima plugin. It offers extensive search customization and display options, including featured listings, open houses, and sold properties.

It also provides several marketing tools, a great mobile-friendly map feature, and a CRM option.

Showcase IDX

One of the newer players, this plugin has a simple set-up and looks great right out of the box. Its IDX features include map search, social media integration, and more.

Showcase IDX also offers robust lead management with a great dashboard. It excels with its various third-party integrations via Zapier. This makes this plugin a great option if you already have your own marketing and lead generation set-up.

It does still have limited MLS coverage, so you’ll want to double-check that it will work in your area.


A frequent question when building a site is how the IDX listings will help with your SEO. Wovax works to increase your search engine rankings. It creates separate pages for every property listing automatically, which can then be optimized.

This is a good option to consider if you see your agent brand awareness as a critical piece of your marketing strategy.

Choose Your IDX Plugin

The right IDX plugin can keep your website competitive and manage lead generation for your business.

If you landed on this page searching for “best free IDX plugin for WordPress”, know that there isn’t really such a thing. While a plugin might be listed as free, you won’t get the IDX functionality out of it without paying for it.

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