The Health Benefits Of A Colon Detox

Colon detox is something that can be beneficial to just about anyone. Have you heard about colon detoxes? If so, you might be interested to learn more. Below, you’ll find more information about what a colon detox is and what it’s supposed to do. 

What Is It? 

Colon detox is the idea of flushing out your colon to remove excess waste. Our colons typically hold a lot of waste that can be difficult to get rid of. This waste can add toxins to the body. The idea is to do a detox that encourages the removal of this excess waste. By default, it removes harmful toxins from the body.

What Are The Benefits? 

While there is still much research to be done on the subject, there is sufficient evidence that shows that colon detoxes can come with several benefits. However, not all of them have enough research backing them. Therefore, it would be important to ask your doctor before doing one yourself if you are looking to experience the benefits of a colon detox or cleanse

Perceived Benefits Of a Colon Detox: 

  1. Reduction In Gastrointestinal Symptoms

One of the main benefits that have been proven through studies is that it can have positive impacts on a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms that you might be experiencing. If you are someone that suffers from inflammatory digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome [IBS], you may experience some form of relief by doing a colon detox. This particular study showcased the effectiveness of a colonic irrigation system on those that suffered from IBS [1]. 

  1. Improving Your Immune System

Our digestive systems are the key to our health. Because of this, it only makes sense that improving your digestive system health would improve your immune system. When your colon is backed up and when it has too many toxins, your health will be compromised. One of the best ways to minimize this issue is by doing a colon cleanse and getting rid of the harmful toxin buildup that you are experiencing. 

  1. Improving Energy Levels

Those that suffer from chronic fatigue may be suffering from it because they have blockages in their colons. There is sufficient evidence that showcases how much of a role your digestive system can play in your energy levels. While there is still a lot more research needed to figure out whether or not a colon detox is helpful to solve fatigue problems, having an abundance of toxins in the colon certainly cannot help. After all, if the toxins are building up in the colon, they will enter the bloodstream and cause a lot of issues. In theory, a colon detox can remove these toxins and keep them from negatively impacting one’s energy levels. 

Are There Risks? 

Unfortunately, a colon detox can be dangerous if you don’t do it properly. With a detox, you put yourself at risk for severe dehydration and potential interference with your medication. Because of this, you need to ensure that you are adequately hydrating throughout the detox and before considering one, you should be speaking with your doctor about it.

As you can see, there is a lot of research that has to be done if you want to get definitive evidence that a colon detox or a colon cleanse is helpful. However, some studies show that it can be beneficial to those suffering from inflammatory bowel problems. If you are looking to figure out whether or not a colon detox would be good for you, it would be wise to ask your doctor. They should be able to tell you some of the risks associated with it and whether or not they would recommend doing one.

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