The Power of Subliminal Impressions

Have you ever wondered what makes you like or dislike a person even before you have met them sometimes? The reason for this phenomenon has not been discovered yet. Although numerous theories are floating around.

The theories do have some amount of truth in them, and they should not be disregarded. For example, people indeed derive meaning from the way we carry ourselves to our workwear. Online data says that it could be due to a variety of reasons that makes us biased towards a person. The overall effect that someone has on the others is called a halo effect, which affects the way we feel about someone and their character.

Research has found that it takes a mere 8 seconds for someone to make an impression about you. So, how can you utilize this limited time to leave a lasting impression and a good one at that? The basic rule to make a good impression, as we all probably already know, is to look well-groomed and have a welcoming body language. But psychological studies have found that there are so many other aspects too.

The common impressions are based on:

  • Facial expressions
  • Appearance
  • Vocal tone, pitch.
  • Level of interest

You can increase your confidence through power-dressing. Look for workwear online that complements your vision. Once you master the body language techniques, you will find your life to be much simpler. You will be closing more deals and winning friends all the way. You will realize it was that easy all along.

          A psychologist suggested some tips for dating and how to make a good impression while on a date. It can be remembered by memorizing the mnemonic “SOFTEN UP.”

S for Smile:

It is the most vital step to make someone feel you are warm and welcoming. It eases tension and makes others around you comfortable. The smile has to feel genuine. If it is forced, it loses its value and purpose.

O for Open arms:

Non-verbal cues sometimes say more than verbal cues. When we see someone who stands with their hands tightly crossed, we assume they are aloof and cold. So always use open hand gestures.

F for Forward-leaning:

          Lean slightly towards the person you are having a conversation with. It shows that you are interested in and are paying attention to what they are saying.

T for Touch:

          This step has to be applied sensitively. Touching is a sensitive way to express care and warmth. Touch someone on their shoulders or hands to show support or solidarity. Science says that physical contact strengthens bonds.

E for Eye contact:

It is vital when you are the listener. Try to focus on the other person’s face without staring at them.

N for Nodding:

It is a subconscious signal to reflect that you are paying attention. It keeps the listener engaged.

U for Undivided attention:

          Nothing is more off-putting than an inattentive listener. Do not lose focus and make the other person feel like they are boring you.

P for Positivity:

          Be uniquely positive. For example, say positive things about the weather instead of complaining. Other people are attracted to positive people. When you meet someone for the first time, refrain from saying negative things.


          All your actions need to be motivated by genuine respect and love for the other person. If so, all these aspects of body-language need not be forced. It will automatically happen. Remember these tips as they can take you a long way by building and maintaining relationships. Be it family or in your workplace, subliminal impressions determine how people perceive you.

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