Things to Take Care of While Sleeping in Blistering Heat

The most favorable temperature for a good night’s sleep for adults is considered to be anywhere between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit (or 15- and 19- degrees Celsius approximately.) The relatively lower temperature helps your body receive uninterrupted sleep due to the body’s natural tendency to cool itself down during bedtime.

This can be easily disrupted if the temperature is above the optimum level causing decrease in rapid eye movement sleep, affecting the body’s thermoregulation which in turn makes it harder to shed heat from the body. We have therefore come up with a list of measures that can help you sleep comfortably even when it is blistering hot outside.

1) Take a Warm Shower Before Going to Sleep

This is one of the most effective ways to cool down your body temperature gradually before retiring to bed. The body’s temperature increases slightly after a lukewarm shower helping the circadian rhythm to naturally cool down the body and release the hormone called melatonin which makes you sleepy. Try to maintain the water temperature between 98- and 105-degrees Fahrenheit (or 36.5- and 40.5-degrees Celsius.) It is key that the shower is taken at least 60 to 90 minutes prior to sleeping as this gives the body the time required to cool itself down.

2) Choose the Right Bedding Material

It is essential that the bedding you choose doesn’t end up trapping heat and make your sleep uncomfortable. The use of lightweight fabric such as cotton and linen are highly recommended due to their breathable nature and their ability to absorb moisture from the body. It goes without saying that you ought do away with your thicker blankets and replace them with lighter and thinner bed sheets made of breathable fabric. Apart from this, it also helps to pick lighter colors like white, yellow, sky blue etc., for your bed sheets and pillow covers as they absorb lesser heat than heavier colors throughout the day. Check out the blog to know more about ideal bedding and mattresses.

3) Control your Diet

It is important that you do not have your dinner too close to your bedtime as it hinders the body’s metabolism and causes acidity. You should also try to abstain from eating very hot, spicy or heavy meals before going to bed as they can contribute towards raising your body temperature. Apart from these, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee can also prevent you from getting your share of deep sleep.

4) Mind your Surroundings

It is true that you have zero control over the temperature outside but you sure have some control over how you manage your sleeping environment so that you create the coolest possible space for sleeping. Make sure that your bedroom is in a cool and dark part of your house and is properly ventilated. Remember to keep your windows and other air inlets open to allow free flow of air in the night. However, it is advisable to draw the curtains and blinds during the day and even keep the windows closed if possible, to avoid excessive heating of the room.

5) Clean your Cooling Equipment

For those who have an AC unit installed, it is key that they get it serviced timely to increase its efficiency. Monthly replacing of filters and proper cleaning of the outdoor condensing unit and indoor vents is a must to ensure proper functioning of the unit. People who use fans and coolers in the summer should also properly clean the blades and ensure proper ventilation for a better performance. However, some experts opine that a fan might not be very effective in very hot and dry conditions.

6) Get into Appropriate Sleepwear

What you wear to your bed can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep that you get on a hot summer night. It is therefore important that you slip into bedclothes made of light and comfortable fabric such as linen and cotton so as to allow your skin to breathe properly in the night. Wearing pajamas and loungewear that can wick moisture away from your body can prove to be a huge help in hot and humid conditions.


With rising global temperature and increased number of heatwaves, more and more people find themselves asking how they can sleep comfortably during blistering heat. It is comparatively harder to go back to sleep once you are awake when the temperature is high. Therefore, it is important to plan your sleep in a way that minimizes the chances of waking up in the night. Keeping your body properly hydrated is a crucial step towards achieving uninterrupted sleep.

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