Three Tips for Rodent Control Services

Did you know rodents destroy feeds equivalent to $2 billion per year and are recognized as carriers for more than 45 diseases?

Rodents such as mice and rats are not only a nuisance but also pose substantial health risks. As such, any sighting is a cause for worry for many homeowners. There are several ways to keep rodents off your home to protect your home and health.

Read on as we discuss three top tips for rodent control.

1. Clean Up

Unkempt houses and yards offer the perfect hiding places for rodents. They provide a sweet spot for breeding as they have a place to hide from their natural predators. Also, these untidy places mean they’ll never lack something to nibble on.

Decluttering and cleaning your home is one way of rodent pest control. Removing all the unnecessary things in your home will clear rodents’ possible hiding and nesting ground. With a decluttered home, you’re likely to find any traces of the rodents, and you can act fast before they fester.

Store your foods in sealed containers and places out of reach of rodents. Ensure that you clean up after preparing and taking meals. Food crumbs are magnets for rats and mice.

Clear your yard and trim down any overgrown grass and hedges. This will make rodents visible to any predators around. Ensure that all your trash is stored on sealable bags and covered.

2. Set Traps for Existing Rodents

After cleaning up, decluttering, and organizing your home, the next step should be eliminating the existing pests. You can either decide to hire rodent control services to come and lay traps in your home or do it yourself. A simple Google search for “rodent control near me” will give you countless pest and rodent control companies in your locale.

Pest control companies might be a bit pricy, but it’s a small price to pay for a rodent-free home. Companies like JMC Pest Control┬ábring years of experience and expertise to the field. They’ll lay state-of-the-art traps to ensure that even the tiniest of the rodents don’t escape.

You can decide to go at it by yourself. There are so many rodents trap available on the market to choose from. These traps can be bought from your local hardware stores or even online platforms like amazon.

For those concerned about the welfare of rodents, there are humane traps that can be used. Buy the traps and follow the instructions to ensure you trap all the rodents from your home.

3. Seal up Any Possible Entry Points

Rodents are always looking for food, warmth, and shelter. You can trust that if there’s any entry into your home, they’ll find it. When winter comes, they’re even more determined.

Ensure that you seal up all entry points to your home and garage. Look out for cracks and holes that mice and other rodents can use to force their way into your cozy home.

Hire a Reliable Rodent Control Expert to Keep Your Home Rodent Free

The above tips on rodent control will ensure you keep your home rodent-free. This will protect you from the health and property damage they pose.

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