Facial Massage Is Really Good for Your Skin: Here’s the Right Way to Do It

A facial massage can remove anxiety, headaches, and exhaustion, and cause a feeling of serenity and comfort. It also contributes to a better look because people after it feel like they are many years younger, and so they look. By improving blood circulation, massage achieves a healthy and vibrant glow of the skin. Relaxing tense muscles, the massage removes a tired and worried expression from the face. If you are not able to go to massage parlors, you can do it in your home. Below we will describe a few basic movements that you can apply to yourself. Before starting the massage, remove the make-up and prepare an oil that will ensure that your hands will glide more easily on the skin. Also, pay attention when choosing an oil to make it natural, high quality, and to suit the type and needs of your skin. Read on to see what’s the best way to do it.

Start warming up

As in a yoga class, a purposeful facial massage begins with a little warm-up. Before you start, first clean your face and wash your hands and apply an oil-based serum. This will allow your fingers to slide on the skin without awkward stumbling or pulling. It is important to note that the oil if it is a dry oil, will be absorbed into the skin too quickly, so try to avoid the use of dry oils. For just warming up, you need to literally warm the skin with your hands. Start warming up with your fingertips. Move up and out. Then gently pinch the skin with your thumb and forefinger. Move in the direction from the chin upwards, to wake up and activate the muscles. You will begin to feel your skin warm up. This is good because it means you have stimulated blood flow.

Massage and drainage

You can perform it with your own fingers or a tool like a hand massager. If you use your fingers, you will need to move with medium-strong movements across your face from the center outward. To massage the cheekbones, place both forefingers on the tip of the nose and the thumbs under the chin. Then, applying medium pressure, move towards the ears. For lymphatic drainage of the thin and sensitive skin under the eyes that are prone to puffiness, experts recommend a two-handed approach for each eye. Place one index finger in the inner corner of the eye to provide the skin with the necessary support. Then use your other index finger very lightly on the skin under the eye, from the inner corner to the hairline, down to the ear. This will encourage drainage and the release of accumulated fluid. You can do this by yourself, but if you happen to be in southeast Asia, make sure you get the best facial massage in Singapore, this place is among the best in the world for having this treatment.

Locate your tension

Although tension in your shoulders or lower back can be very easily spotted, the tension in your facial muscles is harder to detect. To find the knots, experts recommend that you start applying pressure to the jaw. We all tend to keep tension in our jaws, especially at a time when we are experiencing a large amount of stress. With your index and middle fingers, like two claws, move from the chin up along the jaw. Apply medium pressure. If you feel knots in the road, stop at them and apply stronger pressure at that point to release the jaw from tension. This procedure also helps to lift the facial muscles.

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