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Born on May 12, 1968, in Carlsbad, California, United States, Anthony Frank Hawk is popularly known as Tony Hawk is an American skateboarder, actor, and business person. In any discussion related to skateboarding, a name that appears at the top of the list is- Tony Hawk! His nickname is The Birdman, and he also owns a skateboard company “Birdhouse” named after his nickname. Tony Hawk is considered to be one of the most influential pioneers of vertical skateboarding in recent times. As a professional skateboarder, Tony earned a huge some amount of money while his acting career as well as the successful business taken it to the next level. As of now, Tony Hawk net worth is estimated around $140 million which is indeed a massive fortune as an out of the box celebrity. There is an interesting fact about Tony Hawk spouse.

Tony Hawk spouse

Tony Hawk Spouse

Tony is known as “The Father of Four and Husband.” Yes, Tony Hawk married four times, as of now, and he has four children as well. And, that is why Tony is said so. He first married his high school girlfriend, Cindy Dunbar, in 1990. The couple broke the relationship in the year 1993. Then Tony married Erin Lee in 1996, but unfortunately, they got divorced in 2004. Later, Tony Hawk once again married Lhotse Merriam in the year 2006, but yet he divorced her in 2011. However, the skateboard magician Tony Hawk married for the fourth time with Kathy Goodman in 2015, and they are still together so far we came to know.

Early Life

Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder as well as an entrepreneur. His father’s name is Frank Peter Rupert Hawk and mother’s name is Nancy. Tony Hawk was brought up in San Diego, California. He was very hyperactive and enthusiastic during his childhood. His I.Q level was 144, and so his teachers recommended his parents to admit him in higher advanced classes. He joined Jean Farb Middle School from the years 1980 to 1981. At the age of fourteen, Hawk became a professional skateboarder.


During early 1983, Tony Hawk started to win significant skateboarding contests. He was very famous among the other skateboarders. During 1980, Tony acted in the movies like “Gleaming the Cube and Trashin’ Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.” He also had performed in some TV shows titled: The Simpsons, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Yo Gabba Gabba, CSI: Miami and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader. His skating technique was very authentic and unique. He became an icon, and his fame was rising higher with the passage of time.

Tony gained his fame mostly for being the very first skater who landed a tremendously tricky move called the 900 degrees. This move includes two and a half revolutions in mid-air riding on a skateboard. This technique is very notorious and incredibly dangerous for the skateboarders to perform. He was very daring, adventurous and brave to implement his expertise and dared to do it for the first time.

A video game series was launched by Tony’s name called “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.” In this game, the players can create characters of their own choice, and the characters complete different tasks. Players can feel the real skateboarding by playing this game as it offers flips, aerials, grinds, etc. this video game series has a series of titles, probably more than 19. Tony Hawk made a huge some amount of money launching these games.

Tony Hawk was very popular among the 20th generations. Even today, he is a remarkable figure in the world of skateboarding. To cope with the world, Tony opened his own YouTube channel named RIDE Channel on February 4, 2013. In this channel, he presented various professional skateboarding techniques to be of help to the skateboard enthusiasts.

Apart from these, he recently had amusement park rides as well. Though he is a famous public figure, he does not hesitate to go out and mix with the public.

Tony Hawk net worth

Tony Hawk Net Worth

It is estimated that Tony Hawk Net Worth is $140 million so far. And, most of his earnings come from his professional skateboarding, as well as running his own skateboarding company. Besides, his YouTube channel, sponsorship, acting and his own video game also contributed a lot to earn that vast fortune being an out of the box celebrity.

Quick Biography

Full Name: Tony Hawk

Date of Birth: May 12, 1968

Nationality: American

Spouse: Cindy Dunbar, Lhotse Merriam, Catherine Goodman, Erin Lee

Tony Hawk Net Worth: $140 million

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Facts About Tony Hawk Spouse & Other Things

  • Tony Hawk wanted to be the most famous skater of his generation
  • The X Games brought Tony a huge reputation in 1996. This year he placed the second position in a competition and seventh on another one.
  • He left playing baseball and basketball for skateboarding
  • While making the record in the 900 degrees, everyone thought that Tony would not do it, but he proved himself.
  • Tony Hawk spouse: He married 4 times. Besides, he is the father of four children.
  • He became a pro in skateboarding when he was just fourteen years old.
  • He created his own company named the Birdhouse. This company manufactures skateboards for the professionals.

Whatever you call him, a professional skateboarder, an entrepreneur, Tony Hawk is indeed an out of the box celebrity. And, the fortune Tony has made, as reported on reliable sources regarding Tony Hawk net worth is also incredible like his 900 degrees move.

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