Top 4 Bed Bug Signs You Should Not Ignore

Even the thought of bed bugs makes most people’s skin crawl. Thinking about those little bugs sneaking out and drinking our blood at night is enough to make most people at least a little squeamish.

Want to keep yourself protected? Look out for the bed bug signs! Keep reading to learn what you should watch for so you can take action if these little pests show up in your home!

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

It’s good to try and catch a bed bug infestation early, but it can be pretty tricky as these little critters are pretty good at hiding. If you have any questions at all about the signs of bed bugs at your home, contact your residential pest control services. They’ll be able to correctly identify if you need pest removal or not.

  1. You Are Covered in Itchy Red Spots

One of the clear signs of a bed bug problem is the itchy red welts they leave on exposed skin areas. You can find these on your face, arms, legs, hands, back, and more.

Not everyone reacts to these kinds of bites, though, and they look similar to mosquito bites. If you have these types of bites, it’s a good idea to search for other bed bug signs as well.

  1. There are Small Brown or Black Stains on Your Bedsheets

Another sign you may have a bed bug issue are black or brown stains on your mattress, sheets, or pillowcases. This is bed bug fecal matter (gross!) and should not be ignored.

You may find these stains on the walls, baseboards, or near electrical outlets. When bed bugs excrete on hard surfaces, they can look more like pepper than the inky look it leaves on bedsheets.

  1. You Find Bloodstains on Your PJs and Bedsheets

The signs of bed bugs can be difficult to spot, but if you start seeing bloodstains on your bedsheets, it’s time to get your home checked out.

When bed bugs feed, they use an anticoagulant to help the blood flow more freely. This means more blood will flow from the bite, and you will likely see blood spots on your sheets.

  1. You See Old Bed Bug Carcasses

Bed bugs shed their skin during their lifecycle. If you identify light brown carcasses in the creases of your mattress or along the baseboards, you have likely had a bed bug infestation for a while.

Call an exterminator as soon as you identify these! They can help you get rid of these pesky pests.

Now You Know the Bed Bug Signs!

Keeping an eye out for bed bug signs can help you catch them early on! The longer they can nest, the worst the infestation gets. Hire a local exterminator and get them taken care of today!

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