Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Dental Fillings

Dental filling procedures are renowned for making people feel anxious. Even the most headstrong individual may squirm a little when they hear the noise of a dentist’s drill.

One of the ways to alleviate these anxieties is to speak to a dentist about the procedure and what it involves. Once you become aware of what they are doing, it becomes clear that the dentist’s tools’ bark is worse than their bite.

If you’re wondering what to ask when you’re getting dental fillings, read on for five questions to ask your dentist.

  1. What Kind of Fillings Do You Use?

There are a number of different types of fillings, each with its own benefits. You could learn all about dental fillings before your procedure so that when you ask your dentist what they use, you know how to respond.

To put it plainly, metal amalgam fillings are cheaper but are rather unsightly. So while these are the most budget-friendly, there is a compromise on appearance.

The most popular type of filling is a composite filling which is made to be the same color as your teeth. This is obviously best for those who are conscious about how fillings may look.

  1. Are There Any Risks to the Procedure?

One of the best ways to put your mind at rest when getting dental treatment is to check if there are any risks involved.

Most of the time, risks will be very minimal and you can trust in the professionalism of your dentist to perform the procedure carefully and safely.

  1. Is the Procedure Completely Necessary?

It’s easy to walk into a dentist’s office and take their word as gospel. While most of the time you can trust the dentist to have your interests at heart, there is also money to be made from procedures that may not even be necessary.

If tooth decay isn’t severe, a process called remineralization may be an option. This is something you can do yourself. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals could help your body to restore decayed teeth—talk to your dentist about this.

  1. How Do You Care For Your Dental Fillings?

Your dentist should give you the basics on how to look after your new fillings but ask for detailed information on how to ensure they last as long as possible.

Check how long it will take for the fillings to settle and how to prevent them from falling out.

  1. How Can You Prevent Needing More Fillings?

Nobody wants a mouth full of fillings, but if you’ve reached the point where you need one or more, it doesn’t mean that you’re destined for further treatments.

Ask your dentist what dietary habits and tooth-cleaning routines are best to prevent any need for future procedures.

Be Confident

Your dentist will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about dental fillings, so don’t feel hesitant to ask.

If your dentist isn’t keen to answer your queries, it’s probably a good idea to consider another practice. It should be their priority to help you feel safe and informed.

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