Top reasons why waterproofing on your own is not a good idea

If you are a DIY, then remember waterproofing your basement may appear like a simple idea. With abundant of tutorials and information available on the web, you can easily learn about the procedure and make an attempt to handle the project on your own. But, keeping all the good things aside, there are some negative sides of it which suggest that waterproofing on your own isn’t a good idea at all:

You should be quick and efficient

Firstly, Toronto waterproofing is a labour-intensive task and there are a lot of steps involved in the procedure. It is commonly seen that homeowners start with digging the hole but fail to complete the task. The open hole absorbs more moisture and worsens the damage. Or the ground gets saturated with water and then it has to be dried before getting it effectively excavated. So, if you don’t have the right equipment or time to do the task quickly, then do not start with it in the first place.

Use of wrong basement waterproofing material

It is very important that you use the recommended and high-quality basement waterproofing materials. If you are doing the waterproofing on your own then you have to dig the area around your house, apply the material and backfill the trench.

Mostly, the DIY attempts include tar which doesn’t yield long-term solution for the foundation and isn’t rightly repaired. Professionals use high quality, long-lasting waterproofing materials in the process. So, if you don’t have access to the right basement waterproofing material, then don’t do it.

It isn’t all about digging

Exterior waterproofing involves excavation of the earth around your house from where the water is coming in. The process should be done quickly by trained professionals and it needs more work than you can expect. You may also need a permit.

DIY homeowners may fail to do the task properly. They may not call proper Stake Outs to locate the utilities and may hit a gas or water line during digging.

Dangers involved in excavation

If you want to waterproof your house from the exterior, then make sure you know that the trench you need to dig should be 7-8 ft. deep. And without right shoring, it may be dangerous as holes may cave in and cause injuries. Hence, you should hire a contractor who is a professional in digging and completing the full task.

In the end, Toronto basement waterproofing isn’t something to be taken lightly. You may start the task to save some money, but end up spending more. Hence, it is essential to call a professional to get it done right. offers professional waterproofing solutions at highly reasonable rates. It uses the best equipment and state of the art technology to handle your waterproofing projects with ease. The company has trained professionals to deal with all types of basement waterproofing requirements.

So, the next time you are in need of waterproofing your basement, hire Water Proofing PD for help.

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