Clearing Up the Common Misconceptions About Washlets

A washlet is arguably the best alternative to toilet paper in keeping yourself clean in the bathroom. Using a washlet makes keeping clean more effortless, more comfortable, and more efficient. Washlets are very simple to use and are the best way to improve bathroom hygiene to ensure healthy physical well-being.

Washlets that have advanced features like the TOTO washlet have been gaining popularity recently because of their advantages. However, there are still some misconceptions regarding washlets that make several individuals confused. To address this issue, this article will talk about washlets and debunk their common misconceptions.

Washlets Take Up Additional Space

Perhaps the most common misconception regarding washlets is that they are large fixtures and require additional bathroom space. Some believe that installing washlets requires following the same building codes and space planning regulations as toilets. These beliefs are not valid because washlets do not take up additional bathroom space.

A washlet can replace your previous toilet seat, which means you won’t be needing additional space for the fixture. Also, washlets that are compact don’t need to adhere to space planning regulations and building codes. Washlets are perfect for small bathrooms and powder rooms that do not have bidets installed.

Washlet Installation is a Tedious Process

One of the reasons individuals don’t consider using washlets is that they think the installation process is tedious; this is not true. Some washlets can be done through DIY installation and only takes several minutes.

Another option is hiring a professional plumber to do the installation for you. This way, you no longer have to spend time learning how to install the washlet, and save more money by preventing costly repairs if you happen to break something during the installation process.

Washlets are Expensive

Washlets come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. Washlets also have various features or characteristics, which means there is a wide range of prices depending on the type of washlet you would like to have. There are also affordable washlets like the TOTO washlet that won’t hurt your wallet because of their affordability while still having exceptional functionality.

Washlets Don’t Clean Effectively and Are Unsanitary

When it comes to cleaning the undercarriage area in the bathroom, most people would choose toilet paper and use it to wipe the said area during sanitation. However, according to an article by NZ Herald, experts report that toilet paper does very little to sanitize a particular area.

This means when using toilet paper, you are not cleaning yourself, but smearing and making a mess. Washlets offer a better alternative because they can clean efficiently and are quite sanitary. This is why most luxury hotels and resorts are gradually shifting to a paperless bathroom, providing washlet fixtures instead for their guests.

Washlets Will Greatly Increase Water Bills

Washlets use water for cleaning, but that does not mean that it uses a large amount of water. This means washlets won’t greatly increase your water bills, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your budget for it.

Also, using washlets can save you more money in the long run because you no longer have to spend money on toilet papers or sanitary tissue. By this way, you can cut your toilet paper spending by more than 60%.


Washlets are great bathroom fixtures that will not only improve your hygiene but upgrade the functionality of your bathroom as well. Don’t believe the misconceptions that you hear and read about washlets because you will be missing out on a truly great product. Check out a reputable seller of washlets, and start experiencing its benefits and advantages.

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