What is the best carpet cleaning method recommended by professionals?

Neat and clean carpets enhance your prestige. When everyone is busy cleaning their house at the start of spring, it is time, you look for a carpet cleaner. However, it is tough to pick the right carpet cleaning service and method. You should know that carpet cleaning isn’t just about removal of stain, but also about enhancing the life and performance of your carpets. Every carpet should be cleaned once in 6 months. You have a number of options to get rid of dirt and stain from your carpet. At Canada Clean Home, we give our clients the best carpet cleaning method options to get their carpet just like day one.

The best carpet cleaning methods:

Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, it agitates the fibre of the carpet to dissolve all the dirt by using high pressure hot water. Cleaning agents are applied on the carpet and brushing is done to agitate the fibres of the carpet followed by rinsing.

The cleaning agent is allowed to settle on the carpet for a short duration and then rinsed. The carpets are dried at room temperature. It takes around 4 hours to clean an average size carpet.


The procedure of foam encapsulation utilizes synthetic detergent which crystalizes to powder after drying. And then the dried foam is vacuumed or brushed.

The foam encapsulation method works as a great alternative to carpet shampooing technique it uses less water and takes less time to dry. It is an eco-friendly technique as it doesn’t leave much chemical residue.

Dry carpet cleaning

It is one of the recent techniques being used by carpet cleaning companies. It offers efficient cleaning and convenient results. A motorized rotating brush allows the settled carpet fibres to open up. And then cleaning compounds are poured in to absorb the dirt of the carpet. You can use this method to clean all types of carpets.

Traditional brush and detergent method

Before the launch of innovative washing techniques, this was the most popular method. All you need is a brush, detergent and water. In this procedure, the rugs is thoroughly scrubbed and then rinsed. It doesn’t work in a wall-to wall floor covering as there is no space left to dry.

Carpet shampooing

Shampooing your carpet is another common practice done before the launch of encapsulation technology. It needs more time to dry as there is a lot of wet foam residue in the carpet.

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