Trump’s Fresh Thoughts on Legal Immigration

President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy changes have been a bone of contention among the immigrants living in the United States and the ones that are interested in immigrating to the United States since his inauguration as the president as he has made the policies clear during his presidential campaigns and debates. Trump’s administration is also known for updating previous immigration policies and enacting new ones which are deemed harsh by immigrants from all over the world. A lot of immigration lawyers have raised the notion that the new Trump’s policies have scared a lot of immigrants who are interested in moving to the United States away from the country. While a lot of immigrants who are already living in the United States have been forced to move to neighbor countries like Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and so on. Even though Trump’s new policies are very popular in the United States, there are a lot of immigrants who are unaware of his fresh thoughts on legal immigration which include:

Plan to Cancel DACA – one of the surprising decisions that president Trump took when he got to the seat of power was to cancel this program. This program has been in existence since the regime of President Barack Obama that signed it to law. The program allows immigrants who were brought into the United States illegally as a child to live legally in the United States. The policy was enacted because the children who were brought in as illegal immigrants were minors when they got to the country, growing up in the country makes such immigrants feel at home, and it would be a harsh decision to ask them to leave at an older age. President Trump brought the issue of canceling this program to the congress, but the plan was voted out by the congress. The plan to cancel this program has not been laid to rest as it is still under deliberation in the country’s congress.

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New Deportation Policies – deportation rate in the United States have been reducing drastically in the past two decades due to the leniency the country has placed on her deportation policies. The new government in the country under the leadership of Trump has made a lot of deportation policies. According to Forbes, about 2 million people are at the risk of getting deported from the United States if the new laws begin to materialize. Approximately 2100 immigrant families have been served deportation notice in the country in the past two years. As bad as the deportation policies are getting, trusted sources have it that President Trump is planning to make a policy that will make children with cancer get deported from the United States.

Thorough scrutinizing of immigrant employment eligibility – in the United States, employers, i.e. business organizations, companies, firms, industries are always checked to confirm if all their employees are legally worthy of working in the United States. The president Trump’s government has made the scrutinizing more intense as thousands of businesses have been fined, sanctioned and closed during his regime. Checks are now conducted regularly by the USCIS on the forms that immigrants who work in the United States do fill and submit to their employers. Employers who are found guilty of employing illegal immigrants do get fined or closed down.

Brutal incarceration of immigrants – since the beginning of 2019, a lot of immigrants has been incarcerated without trial at the United States southern border. It has been in the news that the incarceration facilities at the Southern border are too small when they are compared to the number of illegal immigrants that are remanded in them. A large percentage of immigrants that are remanded at the southern border are stated to be children and women. In the United States, the policy on the number of days at which an illegal immigrant can be detained states 30 days but president Trump has increased the number of days to 60 days so that each immigrant can be checked thoroughly before being deported if necessary.

Cancellation of citizenship by birth – citizenship by birth has been in existence in the United States for a very long time. Millions of United States citizens are children of aliens who are living in the United States as the citizenship policy states that being born in the United States makes you a citizen of the country regardless of the nationality of your parents. One of President Trump’s fresh thoughts is to cancel the citizenship by birth, he has brought the issues to the congress, but it has not been signed to law.

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