Types of Wooden Furniture Parts You can Buy Online

Your home is incomplete without furniture. Furniture is used for sleeping, sitting, studying, dining, and other daily activities. Therefore, it is common to have different types of furniture in your homes like tables, chairs, beds, and many more.

Though every piece of furniture is seen as one whole thing, it is made of many parts. One good thing is you can buy individual parts online and assemble them at home. For example, if you want to make a bench, you need wood bench legs, arms, and backrests.

Here are the types of wooden furniture parts you can buy online.

Island Legs

Kitchen Island is a valuable piece of furniture that can match your existing kitchen design. It is a free-standing cabinet that has integral storage drawers that can be used to store kitchen appliances.

The kitchen island is rectangular and has four legs. You have various options in the style of island legs. For example, you can opt for round legs or squares as per the design of the kitchen island. In addition, the island legs are available in various dimensions (length and width).


Finial refers to the top ornamental termination piece of the furniture. In simple words, it is the top-end marking of the table. Rounded finials are in fashion in today’s furniture. It is made of wood that often forms a decorative part of the furniture. For example, you can find finial on the arms of the chairs, corners of the bed, and other furniture.

The finail is wood like cherry, oak, soft maple, or hard maple. They are sanded with grit paper, and the surface is smooth. You can paint the finial in any color you want to suit the furniture. They are available in various designs like Melrose, Acorn, Twisp Beaded, Windon, and Klien ball.

Bench Legs

The wooden bench is multi-purpose furniture. You can use the bench for sitting or as a footrest near your bed. You can get wood bench legs in various designs to suit the room décor. For example, you can get a Lyboult pedestal with a sophisticated look and make every table project attractive.

The pedestal suits any room décor. You can build them strong to support the weight. The bench table leg is available in various designs like 2-side tapered 4-side tapered designs.

Corner Guards

Corner guards are installed in furniture to protect walls from damage. It prevents your furniture from hitting the walls that can cause dents or chips to the paint. You can get various designs of corner guards online, like wide round guards that have both ends turned. The fluted modern style corner guard looks contemporary and good on modern furniture.

Corbels and Brackets

Corbel is a bracket fitted in a cupboard to support the structure. It has multiple uses, and you can use it under a mantle bar or make a shelf out of it. The corbels are beautifully carved from wood, and the lines are pleasing to your eyes.

Knobs and Pulls

Knobs are rounded handles fitted on doors, windows, cabinet doors, and drawers. It allows you to use the piece of furniture firmly and perform an action like pulling or pushing. For example, you can hold the knob on the cabinet drawer to pull out the drawer or move it inside.

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