Using Wax Liquidizer to Make THC Eliquid with Crumble

If you have access to high quality crumble then you can make your own THC eliquid in seconds right at home. You’ll need a few pieces of equipment and a revolutionary product called Wax Liquidizer to do it. The initial investment is really minimal and will save you hundreds of dollars compared to the outrageous cost of pre-filled vape cartridges.

It’s not hard to do either. It’s very simple to turn crumble into THC e liquid. Let’s begin.

Crumble To THC Eliquid: About Wax Liquidizer

Wax Liquidizer is a stable solution allowing anyone with crumble to transform its thickness, viscosity and solid state. This is the main key to using concentrates in the amazing choice of vape mods available to nicotine vapers. You have to turn the concentrate into a liquid to vape it.

The combining solution comes in five flavors that are delicious but subtle. There is also a flavorless liquidizer so all you will taste is your crumble.

You do not require a lot of the product to transform your crumble, which is why this method is so cheap once you get going. You’ll be shocked by how much you save with so little effort.

Wax Liquidizer ingredients are FDA approved and the product comes straight from Denver, USA. Visit the Wax Liquidizer site for more information about the product itself and the ingredients inside it.

It is available through the item’s website to nearly anyone, anywhere, since it’s legal. There’s no marijuana in the product itself.

How Much Can You Save Making Your Own THC Ejuice?

Exactly how much could you save by spending a few minutes in the kitchen with Wax Liquidizer?

A regular, pre-filled vape cartridge costs about thirty-five dollars. One gram of marijuana crumble is around thirty-five dollars as well. Wax Liquidizer can turn your crumble into 3 ml of juice, whereas pre-filled cartridges Istonednews are a measly .5 ml each.

That means one gram of crumble turns into 6 pre-filled vape cartridges, or roughly $210 worth!

How to Mix Your THC Eliquid

When you have your Wax Liquidizer and the crumble, you simply need a measuring tool and a heatproof container to create your juice. Wax Liquidizer sells a kit with these things in it, or you can find your own.

You’ll need to mix 2 ml of liquidizer solution for every gram of crumble you have. You can make larger batches and store your juice for months, making it even more convenient.

Put one gram of crumble into the heatproof container Add 2 ml of the Wax Liquidizer solution to the glass. When you become accustomed to making this juice, you are able to adjust this ratio to make more or less potent juice.

Just remember that your vape has to be able to handle the thickness. Sub-ohm mods work well with thick juice and are great choices if you want to try a stronger mix.

Warm Up Your THC Eliquid & Transfer It

Time to use heat to incorporate your liquidizer and crumble. Either put your mix in the microwave for 3 – 10 seconds or follow the website’s instructions for heating on the stove in hot water.

However you heat your combination, stir the mixture to totally combine it.

Incredible Crumble THC Eliquid Benefits

Ordering Wax Liquidizer saves users money, time, as well as the hassle of running to the dispensary for tiny pre-filled cartridges. Additionally, it gives extreme control over what type of vape you are able to use with your liquified crumble.

This method is great for everyone, including those who love the environment. It creates significantly less trash than tossing carts out when they’re spent.

With your very own mod, you are able to control vape temperatures. Additionally, you get to pick from six flavors of juice. Once your juice is in your vape, these flavors help make every one of your exhales pretty discreet since it gently masks any slight marijuana odor in the vapor.

Let’s face it, though, the bottom line is the bottom line. Wax Liquidizer saves you money while making your life easier. What’s there to think about? Order some today!

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