Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

Are you worried that you might have a slab leak?

It can be one of the harder types of leaks to detect because the root cause is usually hidden from view. This makes it even more important to be on the lookout for signs that you might have one. 

In this article, we will take you through the 5 most important signs that you might have a slab leak. Let’s get into it!

1. Surface Leakage

This is the most obvious sign of a slab leak, but it is also one that people sometimes dismiss. The biggest reason for this is that it is often mistaken for water condensation. This can be a possibility, particularly if you live in a humid climate.

But you really need to act on this quickly and assume the worst. Is a slab leak covered by insurance? Well, that depends, but this type of repair costs are much lower if you get onto the problem quickly!

2. Backed up Sinks

If you’re wondering how to tell if the foundation is leaking, any drains or appliances you have can be a dead giveaway. When these back up it can be a sign that the leak has caused the water line to break. 

One way to identify the location of the leak is to put your plumbing diagram for a house on slab plans. Match up where the leak is with any plumbing underneath. That will give you a head start!

3. Big Water Bill

When you have a leak under your house, you are effectively paying for your water to be running all the time. This will cause a massive spike in your bill. 

Can pipes freeze in a slab foundation? You bet. When they do, they can cause a leak that becomes very expensive, very quickly. 

4. Bad Smell

This type of problem can actually lead to rotting and mold underneath your house. This is not only bad for your foundations, but it is actually bad for your family’s health

Before you need a doctor, you may want to find a licensed plumber

5. Warm Floor

A less common sign that you have a leak is that your floor is unexpectedly warm. If a hot water pipe has burst, leaking water may actually be heating your floor.

This is the most unlikely indication of a slab leak you will get, but it is possibly the most important. Not only will your water bill spike with a leaking hot water pipe, but your energy bill will go through the roof. 

For a Slab Leak, Better Safe Than Sorry

You may think that an odd bit of water, a funny smell, or blocked sinks are just common household occurrences that you don’t need to worry about. Sometimes, this is the case. 

But, these are signs you don’t want to take chances with. The damage you can do to your foundations and the rest of your home is simply not worth it. 

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