Well Maintenance: How to Maintain Your Water Well

Water well service is something that you’ll appreciate no matter what kind you have. It’s a fresh source of drinking water that you will love, but it takes plenty of TLC to get the most from it.  

So what goes into water well maintenance? How can you get the best performance from your residential well? We’re happy to explain. 

The well maintenance tips below will be helpful to you over the years. 

What Are Some of the Main Kinds of Well Maintenance?

Owning a private well is an excellent asset to your property, but you have to handle all of the obligations that come with it. Start with these points:

  1. Take Care of the Well Pump

Your well pump is the most integral part of your water well. The freshwater that you need is found a few hundred feet below ground level. This pump is the driving force that extracts it and lets you pull it from the ground with ease. 

In the old days, you’d have to manually pull this water from the ground by pulling a crank with your hand. Today’s pumps are typically electrically powered and give you this water with a fraction of the effort. 

Get the pump inspected once per year and repaired whenever you need to. Along with the pump, make sure that you also look into a pressure tank installation service when you need it. 

  1. Get the Water Tested

You have to get your well water tested on a regular basis to make certain that it’s safe for drinking. 

This is one of the most important parts of well maintenance, and without it, the functionality of your well is basically null and void. A water well contractor will make sure that the water has no contaminants and that it’s clean and safe to drink. 

  1. Fix Any Cracks or Other Damage to the Well Surface

Finally, make sure that you also look into the exterior of the well and be sure that there are no cracks or significant damage. When the well surface cracks and begins to crumble, it will not only create an eyesore in your yard, but your water will also stand a much greater chance of becoming contaminated. 

There may come a time that you also have to get your entire water well resurfaced. Fixing the surface of the well will keep the quality at its best so that your well upholds its value throughout the years. 

Hire Professional Well Contractors That Can Assist You

The well maintenance tips above will be helpful to you and your entire household. If you’re looking to add some value to your home, it’s only right that you improve the well in a way that gives you a return on investment. 

Talk to some contractors that can assist you whenever you need short-term maintenance or long-term repairs. 

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