Why you should choose Miracle Touch

Miracle stands as the brand of facial skin boosters originating from the Dexrevo company located in South Korea. The range encompasses four formulations: Miracle H, Miracle L, Miracle Touch Up, and Miracle Touch Up-BR. Within these preparations, a synthetic biodegradable polymer called polycaprolactone is present. This particular compound acts as a catalyst for collagen synthesis and is officially endorsed by the FDA. The applications of these products span various cosmetic objectives, including anti-aging therapy, facial skin lifting, profound hydration and brightening, combatting pigmentation spots and scars, and addressing wrinkles of diverse degrees.

Unveiling Facial Boosters

Facial boosters manifest as hydrating, strengthening, collagen-rich, and nutrient-concentrated blends housing a wealth of active agents celebrated for their therapeutic attributes. Among them are wrinkle-filling boosters, a methodology collectively known as booster revitalization.

When characterizing conventional facial boosters, one can liken them to highly concentrated serums. However, booster revitalization represents a process that restores the dermal landscape. It involves the strategic introduction of a concentrated mixture of hyaluronic acid infused with peptides or growth factors deep into the layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue. Wrinkles are smoothed, resulting in a visually youthful and taut visage. In essence, this approach closely resembles the traditional practice of rejuvenation through fillers.

A Close Look at MIRACLE Touch Up-BR

Miracle Touch BR functions as a bio-revitalizing agent targeting pigmentation spots and other imperfections stemming from disruptions in melanin synthesis. The composition harmoniously blends oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid, a whitening agent, and vitamin C. This collective synergy provides a comprehensive lightening and protective effect. Notably, vitamin C acts as an antioxidant, while the XT80 lightening complex is proficient in skin whitening and tonal evenness. Hyaluronic acid’s water-binding capabilities effectively moisturize and smoothen the skin. Embedded within the formula, oligopeptides serve as the core agents suppressing melanin synthesis, excessive levels of which lead to the formation of pigmentation spots. This preparation guarantees safety and is hypoallergenic, free from adverse effects, and suitable for patients of diverse age groups.

Advantages of Miracle Touch BR

  • Effectively combats pigmentation spots and related imperfections caused by disrupted melanin synthesis.
  • Antioxidant properties.
  • Skin whitening capabilities.
  • Applicable for treating various forms of dyschromia.
  • Promotes even skin tone.
  • Administering MIRACLE Touch Up-BR via injection addresses:
  • Pigmentation spot reduction.
  • Skin lightening.
  • Tackling skin dyschromia of various origins.
  • Restoring skin subjected to excessive UV exposure.
  • Inhibiting melanin synthesis.
  • Shielding skin from the impact of active oxygen forms and radicals.

Also, you should know, that the procedure’s effects remain effective for up to 12 months.

Why Opt for This Preparation?

The MIRACLE Touch series represents a regenerative line targeted at skin health. It comprises Touch Up, a mesotherapy product based on PCL that rejuvenates, and Touch Up-BR, a mesotherapy product rich in peptides and antioxidants, boasting whitening and anti-pigmentation attributes.

Touch Up-BR serves as a potent skin enhancer, leveraging peptides, vitamin C, niacinamide, and the XT80 lightening complex. This blend significantly brightens the skin, bestowing it with a natural radiance. This unique combination effectively curbs melanin synthesis, thereby reducing skin pigmentation, pigmentation spots, and freckles. Application of Touch Up-BR via mesotherapy or microneedling yields visible effects.

Touch Up-BR harnesses a contemporary meso-cocktail of lightening agents, noticeably illuminating the skin. It encompasses:

Three biomimetic peptides—oligopeptide-50, oligopeptide-34, and oligopeptide-51—that aid in inhibiting melanin synthesis.

The patented XT80 lightening complex, comprising 34 amino acids and vitamin complexes, further curbing melanin synthesis.

Niacinamide and vitamin C, also contribute to regulating melanin production, while antioxidant vitamin C guards against further pigmentation and aging.

Together, these ingredients work to diminish sun-induced pigmentation, age spots, freckles, and other skin tone alterations.

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