What Are the Biblical Principles About Saving Money and Investments?

Most of your investments and savings may be in the thought of earning more money to secure your future. But how many of your investments are aligned with your set of beliefs, faith, or morality?

Biblically responsible investing has become quite relevant recently. More people, specifically Christians, have started to adopt the righteous means of investing and saving associated with biblical values.

While planning your investments, you are expected to avoid companies and investors involved in immoral practices.

Here is what you need to know about the biblical principles of investments and savings.

Faith-Based Investments

Every Christian should reflect that God owns everything and that you are just stewards on His behalf. This refers to elements you possess, like money, wealth, time, and expertise.

The way you follow the biblical principles of investing and saving is a way to glorify God and worship Him.

You can seek help from a Christian financial advisor to involve your company in an exchange-traded fund that accepts the values of biblical principles.

They will keep you updated about where your money is getting invested and if it is free of corrupt practices through such investments.

Saying No to Sin Stocks

As mentioned earlier, biblically responsible investing is the complete opposite of what is referred to as sin stocks. Here, investors, fund managers, and companies put their money into businesses involved in dishonest practices.

These companies or trades may be involved in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, etc. These firms function on principles that are entirely out of the line of biblical faith.

Besides, following the biblical investment and saving pattern does not solely mean that you support a Christian company. It refers to the thought that the company you invest in follows the philosophy that aligns with the teachings of the Bible.

Therefore, biblical investing is a movement that brings your focus to a more responsible, ethical, and impactful investing.

The Screening Process

The model follows a screening method that helps businesses determine if a particular company is qualified for investment or not. Your Christian advisor will ensure a stringent process.

The filtering process involves identifying the financial health of a particular company. It lets you understand how well the company is doing in its respective verticals against its competitors.

Moreover, this aspect also gives you a clearer picture of a company’s value to the general public.

In addition to determining their growth and potential, the advisor will screen the companies based on immoral practices. Also termed as negative screens, they filter the organizations that demean your faith and biblical principles.

For example, abortion, trafficking, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, sexuality, video games, etc.

Companies Impacting Positively

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, ‘Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ Thus, as Christians, it becomes your duty to invest and save money according to biblical values.

The Bible thoroughly encourages saving money for the future and considers it an ingenious plan to secure your family and needs.

The same applies to investing in businesses that positively influence society and the community. If you start investing in causes that support social and moral responsibility, you can truly accept the biblical faith in financial values.

Final Thoughts

Following a biblically responsible investment gives you the power to set moral standards for saving and investments as an investor or an individual.

In short, it gives you a golden chance to deal with biblically-friendly investments and ultimately make a difference. If you desire to make judicious investments well within the precepts of the Bible, you can get in touch with a Christian financial advisor firm that keeps God at the center of its operations and services.

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