What Curling Iron is Best for Beachy Waves?

Complete curls are frizzy, and straightened hair is too bland. They both are too mainstream and tough to maintain if it’s not natural. Then what’s the solution? Beachy waves are trending these days and natural to have and sustain for a longer duration. But, at what cost? What if poorly constructed curling irons damage your hair or burn it or do not give the result you’re looking for? It doesn’t sound good, right! So, before you purchase anything next time, read the article below and choose a suitable one for your hair type:

Best curling iron for beach waves

There’s no specific beach wave iron to get this kind of hairstyle. You can use the regular straightening flat iron or curling iron, and it’s just the difference in the pattern that you do. Let’s see how you can do that:

Beachy waves hairstyle with Flat Iron:

  • Choose a shampoo that can hold the hair texture well after styling.
  • When your hair is dry and ready for styling, firstly comb your hair and make sure it’s tangle-free.
  • Then take a strand of your hair, hold it in ‘U’ shape, and put the Iron at the curves.
  • Continue the same strand to make inverted U shape and heat the curves again till the end of the strand.
  • Do the same process with a whole hair and see the magic. You’ll have gentle, breezy and beachy waves to rock your next party in style.

Beachy waves hairstyle with Curling Wand:

  • Curling Iron is the best and most comfortable way to have beachy waves.
  • Comb your hair correctly with no tangles. Sprinkle some water on the hair.
  • Then take a strand of the hair and twist it properly.
  • Hold the strand with one hand and the Curling wand with the other.
  • Curl the hair around the curling wand and hold for a few seconds. Release the hair from the rod.
  • Continue to do this process with the whole hair and, in the end, style the top layers with an extra round.
  • This process gives you the best look of beachy waves.

Beachy waves hairstyle with curling Iron:

  • Just like Curling wand, the process of making beachy waves with a curling iron is similar, too but with a small change.
  • Post shampoo, comb your hair properly and make sure it doesn’t have any tangles in between.
  • Take a stand of hair and twist it well.
  • Then circle it around the curling iron and press the Iron against the hair. Keep it for a few seconds and unleash the hair from the Iron.
  • After doing the same process with the complete hair, brush it a little to expand the waves.

Now that you understand to get beautiful beachy waves through different Iron, it’s essential to follow some instructions to maintain the hairstyle for some long hours:

  • The products you use on the hair have a massive impact on your hairstyle. If your shampoo or conditioner makes your hair very frizzy or very smooth comfortably, there are high chances of losing the hairstyles quickly. So make sure you use the products that are stylish-friendly.
  • You must have seen the stylists sprinkling water before styling, but sometimes it’s better to dry your hair to keep the style for longer durations, but this again depends on your hair type.
  • Products like style extenders, hair sprays can damage the hair. But a well-branded product in a minimal range of usage can always make your hair look great and prevents the damage.
  • Beach wave irons play an essential role in keeping the style for a long time. So choose the irons wisely according to your hairstyle and convenience. Also, it’s better to try different ones and see which ones are perfect for your hair type.

With the above details, we hope that you’ve received enough information to choose the better tool for your next beach wave hairstyle session. Along with the hair products, it’s also essential to understand the brands, their specifications, and how useful they are. Choose something with medium heat and apply that on hair for less duration to avoid the direct heat on the hair and reduce the damage. So, get styled in beachy waves for your next party and flaunt. Happy waving!

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