What does it take to hire an injury lawyer in Salt Lake City?

You were walking in the supermarket in Salt Lake City, and oblivious to you, there were entangled wires on the floor. There was no sign mentioning “danger”, and all of a sudden, you slip and get a ligament tear. Who is responsible for your situation? The answer is obvious – the supermarket management & the property owner. This is an example of a typical slip & fall injury, which can mean a premise liability claim. Any kind of personal injury case is complex, and you need to seek legal help. Lawyers specializing in the field can ensure you get the maximum compensation. In this post, we will discuss what it takes to hire an injury lawyer. 

Deep search & personal meetings

You have to meet a few injury lawyers to choose one, and the sooner you do that, the better. Personal injury cases are time-sensitive, especially if you want to file a third-party insurance claim. Also, if you don’t act right after the accident, you are more likely to lose evidence. When it comes to finding attorneys, start by looking around and asking for references. If that’s not an option, go online and make a list of top-rated law firms in Salt Lake City. 

Also, you must meet an attorney in person to discuss every detail and understand whether you like the way they work and communicate. The first meeting doesn’t cost anything. 

A list of questions

The first consultation is a great way to know an injury lawyer, and you can ask the following questions – 

  • How long have you been practicing personal injury law in Salt Lake City?
  • Are you available to work on the case?
  • What are the typical types of cases you take?
  • What are some of your recent wins? What are your biggest settlements so far?
  • Can you share a list of clients you have successfully worked with?

Money is not an immediate concern

If you are concerned about whether you can afford an attorney in Salt Lake City, you should know that personal injury claims and lawsuits are usually dealt with on contingency. The lawyer must recover compensation for you, and if they do that, they get a share, which must be disclosed in advance. There are no hourly rates or retainer costs, and for many victims, that is a great help, especially when they are already grappling with financial losses. 

Find a lawyer you can trust, and don’t forget to discuss strategies they will use for your claim. 

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