What to Do if You Get a Flat Tire

You’re on the way to Disneyland, and the worse thing possible has happened: you’ve got a flat tire.

Flat tires, like most unfortunate things in life, happen when you least expect them. If your tire is flat, you could damage your car by continuing to drive. It could put your life in danger until you get a flat tire repair.

Fortunately, you can change a flat tire on your own. And then you can continue your vacation as if the disaster never happened.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for a flat tire, and how to do a tire repair.

Be Prepared for a Flat Tire

Chances are, you’re reading this article because your tire is flat right now. In that case, skip to the next section. But for the rest of you, being prepared can save you from a lot of headaches down the line.

Make sure you have a spare tire in your trunk. Check that you have a wrench, jack, and maybe a flashlight and poncho. Prepare for any kind of weather in case you need to stop your car.

In some cases, you can fix a flat tire with a patch kit. If you have an Audi, get Audi wholesale parts here.

Step 1: Pull Over

Slow down and pull over to a safe shoulder. Make sure you put on your hazard lights as soon as possible. If you’re on a small, country highway, you want to avoid a speeding driver totaling you from behind.

Step 2: Use Your Parking Brake

This is the brake below your steering wheel and to the left. Once you’ve come to a stop, push it all the way down until it clicks into position. Angle your wheels so that if your car rolls, it rolls into a curb or away from a decline.

If you have wheel wedges, this is a good time to apply them. A brick or large rock will work, too.

Step 3: Remove Your Hubcap and Loosen Your Lug Nuts 

Use the edge of the wrench to remove the hub cap. Then loosen each of the lug nuts one at a time. Don’t take them off the threads, though, since you’ll remove them in the next step.

Step 4:  Use Your Jack to Raise the Car

Make sure to position the jack under the frame. Make sure you know how to use your jack.

Once you raise the car, you can take off the lug nuts. Note: don’t lose them, since you’ll need them soon!

Step 5: Replace the Tire

Secure your spare tire to the wheel. Handscrew the lug nuts, then tighten each one in sequence with the wrench.

Check that the tire pressure is good. Once it’s attached tight and the hubcap is secured, you can release the jack until your car lowers to the ground.

Don’t forget to disengage the parking brake. When you drive away, start out slow. Maintain slower speeds on average until you replace the tire.

Congratulations, You’ve Replaced Your Tire!

Replacing a flat tire can seem stressful, but it’s something simple that anyone can do. Make sure you come prepared beforehand. Disneyland is stressful enough with the lines, so don’t add more stress by forgetting your spare tire!

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