What to Look For When Choosing a Moving Company

Looking to hire a moving company?

Every move is different, so it’s important to find a moving service that fits your budget, timeline, and overall sense of what’s important to you.

However, choosing a moving company can be overwhelming. There are many options out there, and many don’t do a great job of explaining why they are the best fit for you.

Here are some things to look for to help your move go smoothly.

Fits Your Budget

You knew it was coming, but price matters when it comes to choosing the best moving company for you.

A good full-service move costs at least $1,000 according to one survey. But the price can range a lot.

Local movers, for example, could be cost-efficient if you’re only moving a few towns over. Or hiring a company that specializes in long-distance moves could also save you money.

By the way: if a company doesn’t give you an estimate or getting a specific quote is difficult, take that as a red flag and move on. After gathering some info, the company should be able to give you a written estimate of the cost.


One key sign to look out for when talking to moving companies is organization.

Do their employees call you back when you leave a message? Do they give clear answers or do they reply vaguely? Do they offer resources on their website to help you prepare for your move? (Here’s more info on that if you need it.)

Trust is important when someone moves all your possessions. The organization is a key sign that the company is professional and will do a good job. Click here for local and interstate removals.

Good Track Record

There’s a reason word of mouth is so highly regarded in the business world. When companies do a good job, other people want to promote them!

So be sure to ask around and see who people in your circle have used. If they have someone good, they’ll be happy to pass the name along. And if they’ve hired someone and had a bad experience, you’ll know who to skip over!

If you’re new to the area, check Yelp and Google reviews for more info as well.

Special Services

Each move is unique. The moving company you hire should be able to meet your needs.

“Special” services could mean several things. Examples include moving services that can pack your items, achieve the move in a specific time frame, or even ship your cars to make life easier.

When calling around, be sure to ask companies if they can do what you need. Similar to receiving a written estimate, you want a guarantee that they can do it. No “probably” or, “We think so.”

Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring the right moving company for your needs is important. Look for a company with good reviews, an honest reputation, and clear communication as you go through the process.

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