When Should You Buy Construction Bidding Software?

Construction bidding nowadays is becoming a cutthroat competition, and more and more people are turning to new construction plans bidding software to complement the skills of a good estimator.

A construction bidding software is a computer software package that is designed for contractors to estimate construction costs for any construction projects. This software comes in all permutations which include home construction estimating software, new construction plans bidding software, new construction estimating software, new home construction estimating software, commercial estimating software, etc. It is tough to find free essential  software. For free software, check out softwaremole.com.

However, despite all of these, there are still people who are resistant to change and don’t want to use this kind of software. How do you know when to buy this kind of software? Here are a few clear signs to know that it might be time to invest in this kind of technology.

When to Buy a Construction Bidding Software

1. When the bidding competition starts getting fierce. Bidding nowadays is becoming cutthroat, and statistics show that there is an increase in the number of bidders every year. This increase is because of the people’s increased capacity to bid. The days of manually doing material takeoffs are now almost long gone and are being replaced by construction estimating software packages.

This is because this kind of software makes the estimating and bidding process faster and more accurate that contractors can put more bids compared to before when they were doing it manually. This means that if your company is not using a construction estimation software then you might be able to do complete you’re your bids as quickly and as accurately as your competitor.

So, if these days you feel that you are losing out on a lot of bids, and then maybe it’s time for you to explore that estimating software can do for you and your company.

2. You want to save money and want your staff to be more productive. If you have been experiencing a lot of costly errors with your bids and estimates, then it might be time for you to explore a construction estimating software. 

There is a lot of construction estimating software out there in the market that has the features that can be a good fit for your company’s needs and budget. The cheapest flat install rate for construction estimating software is about with the range of $500- $600, and the median is $760 per year. The most expensive construction estimating software can reach a subscription fee of about $2000 per year.

This cost might be a small penny to big construction firms but can be expensive for small to medium ones. However, before you judge the price, take not that research says that investing in this kind of software can help reduce your project cost by 15 percent while increasing your productivity by 300 percent. Users of this kind of software also claim that it has made their bids 15 to 20 percent more accurate. Increased productivity and more accurate bids can lead to more projects awarded to your company and can make the initial investment worthwhile.

3. Learning new software can be scary to some people, especially if they have not used this kind of software before, but, if your team is willing to learn a new software then it might be time to invest in one.  The good news is most of the construction estimating software is very user-friendly and intuitive, and if they are not, software companies are willing to give training or training modules are available to access online.

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