Why Are There So Many Spiders in My House?

Did you know there are likely spiders in every single house in the US, and there are ten common types most people report seeing at one time or another?

The problem isn’t seeing one or two spiders; it’s seeing so many you begin to feel uncomfortable.

If you find yourself asking “why are there so many spiders in my house right now?”, keep reading to find a few possible answers.

Easy Access

When considering how to get rid of spiders, it’s essential to think of why they might be there in the first place. The biggest reason is likely they have easy access to your home, where it’s an inviting environment for them.

If you have cracks or holes in certain areas, damaged screens, or other places they can easily crawl through, they will.

Blocking these places off can help alleviate the problem. But spiders reproduce quickly, so getting rid of them for good might require you to call pest control services.


You can keep 99% of your home in tip-top shape but avoiding cleaning areas like under furniture, basements, attics, and corners can lead to spider problems.

They like dark and dusty areas, along with the presence of other insects like flies to provide them with food. So keeping an eye on places you might forget to clean can keep them at bay.

You Brought Them Inside

Spiders, and other bugs, are good at finding hiding places you might not think of. For example, outdoor toys, camping equipment, firewood, and plants from your garden, might be giving spiders a free ride inside.

Try double-checking these items before you bring them inside the house, even if they were stored in the garage for a while first.

If you notice stray bugs, spraying them down with the hose and wiping them with a cloth to dry them helps keep you from bringing bugs inside.

An Unkempt Yard

Keeping up with yard work like mowing the lawn can be tricky sometimes. If you’ve been known to let your grass grow a bit longer than it should before trimming it again, it could be an oasis for insects like spiders.

Spiders love setting up webs in tall grass to attract all the insects down below. Keeping the grass and any shrubs or bushes trimmed keeps them away, along with other pests as well.

Along with taking care of the plants, try keeping an eye on woodpiles and other areas in your yard that they might be attracted to. Keeping trash, mulch, and other debris away from your yard whenever possible is helpful too.

Keep Yourself From Asking ”Why Are Spiders in My House?” Again

It can be frustrating if you’re constantly finding yourself wondering, “why are spiders in my house all the time?”

You can prevent the need to ask that question again by following the tips found here to keep them away and using pest control services whenever needed to get rid of them for good.

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