Working On Water: How to Reinvent Your Life With a cruise Ship Job

Have you ever thought that working a 9-5 just isn’t meant for you? Are you looking to actually live life instead of working through it?

What if you could do both?

Well, you can! Working this job gives you the best of both worlds! You’ll be making money while on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Keep reading to learn more about how to land a job on the sea!

How Can I Apply to a Cruise Ship Job?

Working on a cruise ship sounds like a dream. Endless open oceans, the smell of salty air, working with happy customers and getting to enjoy the pool and various countries you visit. Who wouldn’t want that?

You can have it if you apply for the job!

When applying for this job, you need to ensure you are looking at the right cruise lines and applications. Each cruise line targets a different audience, so you want to be sure that you fit in with the passengers you will be working with.

When you have decided which looks like it is the best fit, there are numbers and email addresses provided on each cruise line’s website for you to apply.

On the websites, you can access the applications to the various open positions. After applying, you will be streamlined into the position that you are looking for to begin the interviewing process.

If you are selected for the job, you will most likely be notified of any vacancies on the cruise ship. This may be a week-long position or half a year. It all depends on vacancies.

What Types of Jobs Are on Cruise Ships?

Getting a job on a cruise ship is more than just “work.” As a cruise line employee, you can choose to work in the dining room, as an entertainer, a piano player, a DJ, a nurse or doctor, or housecleaning. 

Depending on the job you get working on the ship, you will be working various hours. However, most of the time, you will be working seven days a week on the job.

Is Working on a Cruise Ship Safe?

Working on a ship comes with pros and cons. You never have to commute to work, so you’ll be avoiding the traffic and any possible car accidents.

With that said, being a cruise line employee comes with its own safety hazards. There is not access to a lot of doctors or emergency services if you happen to get into any trouble physically.

If you ever find yourself in the position of being hurt on a cruise ship, have a look at this site to work with you for your rights as a cruise ship employee.

Go Work on the Water!

Landing this job is something to be proud of! You’ll be soaking in the open seas and living your best life. Enjoy your newest adventure and be safe out there!

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