You Can’t Go Wrong with Pizza

In the North of Sydney, Australia, lies Hornsby. This suburban community is about twenty kilometers from the Central Business District of Sydney and is accessible through their train express. The ride is about fifty-five minutes, but those fifty-five minutes are worth it if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Hornsby prides itself on its various parks and leisure spots. Some of the places where you can enjoy nature include Lisgar Garden, Bobbin Head, and Crosslands Reserve. If you want to see some blue instead of green, you can visit the Hornsby Aquatic Center. If you’re a family person with kids or looking to have kids, Hornsby is great for raising them. There are plenty of primary and secondary schools near residential areas.

Of course, one of the best ways to know about an area is to taste it. Perhaps one of the most staple foods of modern times is pizza. There’s no need to fly to Italy, though. There are several pizzerias around the suburb, and the Pizza Hornsby offers may be just as good as Italy’s.

Variety is the Topping of Life

Of course, you can never go wrong with a classic cheese pizza with tomato sauce, garlic, and maybe some herbs like oregano or basil. But you also go right when you add in the toppings. The Pizza Hornsby produces comes with different toppings and sizes. Enjoy your carnivorous side by having an all-meat pizza ham, bacon, cabanossi, and minced beef. Taste the ocean by having a seafood-style pizza topped with prawns, mussels, and octopus. Experience the Mediterranean when you have pizza with anchovies, Italian salami, kalamata olives, and bocconcini. Or dive into the Atlantic as you sink your taste buds in pizza with smoked salmon, capers, and sour cream. You can also take the opposite route and go vegetarian or vegan. You can have grilled eggplant, zucchini, pumpkin, and capsicum. You can still have a cruelty-free meaty experience by including some plant-based fake meats.

Make It Sweet

Pizza is a classic savory dish, but that doesn’t mean you can enjoy it as dessert. Have you had Oreo pizza with a chocolate hazelnut spread, white chocolate, and dusted with icing sugar? You’re missing out if you haven’t. How about some fruits? If you’re thinking of pineapple, that’s all well and good. No judgment. But be more creative. Think berries mixed with chocolate. If you’ve had banana bread, what about banana pizza? Pour that baby with caramel sauce, dust it with icing sugar, and throw in some crushed walnuts for a crunch.

It’s also fine if you want to keep pizzas savory. But no savory meal is complete with dessert. Try some ice cream, tiramisu, or cheesecakes.

Don’t Forget About Sides

Of course, the Pizza Hornsby has also come with side dishes. Bump up the Italian experience with pasta like penne, ravioli, spaghetti, and fettuccine. How about some potato wedges, potato bake, and garlic bread? If you want protein instead, then have some wings, chicken tenders, squids, and ribs. If you are also looking for some health, you can  get a salad so you won’t feel too guilty

The Pizza Hornsby has is surely made quick and fresh. Enjoy some slices on your next picnic, family day, or whenever you don’t feel like cooking.

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