You Need to Get a Body Posture Assessment

With an increase in desk jobs and a lot of people working from home for a few months now, your body may be suffering more than you realize.

Your posture affects everything in your body from head to toes and could result in joint pains and muscle aches that you may not have had before, along with an increased risk of injury.

A posture assessment may be just the thing to help you get your spine back in shape to fix the damage slouching from your bad posture has done. Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out more!

What Is a Posture Assessment & Where Can I Get One?

A posture assessment is looking at a body at how it’s standing, laying down, and sitting to see if there are any imbalances or weaknesses that can and will lead to pain, discomfort, and even injuries.

You can get a posture assessment from qualified practitioners like physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths. Check out practitioners in your area to see who can complete an assessment.

What Are The Benefits of a Posture Assessment?

If you’re prone to injury or experiencing a lot of muscle soreness after exercising you will see a marked improvement in how you feel.

A posture assessment will help determine issues on your body that need a little bit more TLC so that they can be corrected. Correcting these issues means not having your muscles compensate for a weak glute or core from bad posture.

This means fewer aches and pains for you and less susceptibility to injuries!

Posture assessments are also great for athletes who suffer recurring injuries or want to improve their running or squats for example.

What Happens At a Posture Assessment?

A proper posture assessment can take up to two hours while a qualified practitioner will walk you through various tasks like walking across the room, sitting down, and standing up.

They will look at each portion of your body to determine if there’s one side that your body favors more than the other (ie leaning), or if your hips are uneven and how that affects your walking.

After your assessment, they will create a plan to correct your bad posture with exercises, stretches like spinal decompression, and positions to hold that will create a ‘new normal’ for your body. The point of these is to train your body to get used to good posture.

Get a Posture Assessment Today!

Taking care of your spine especially now in the age of technology when we’re all bend over our computers and phones, it’s more important than ever! A posture assessment will help correct any issues you may already have, and prevent any worse issues from occurring.

Getting a posture assessment is a step in the upright direction!

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