3 Reasons To Use Natural Laundry Detergent in Your Home

Did you know that the first evidence of laundry soap dates back to 2800 BCE? That means humans have been using forms of detergent for more than 4000 years!

In the intervening years, thousands of types of detergent have hit the market. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the vastness of the laundry detergent aisle, you’re not alone!

But, you can narrow your choices by only using natural laundry detergent. It’s just as effective and far better for your health and the environment! If you’re still not convinced, read on for all the reasons to go natural! 

  1. Environmental Benefits 

Regular detergent is not biodegradable. As such, once it is drained from your laundry machine it could end up in your local river or lake and damage the ecosystem. 

The phosphates and other chemicals in detergent will kill algae and release toxins into the water, which can affect the rest of the aquatic life. Even a small concentration of 2 parts per million can cause fish to consume double the amount of normal toxins. 

In a butterfly effect, this can ripple out into your whole local ecosystem and even the meat and fish available in your supermarket. 

But, natural detergent uses only earth-sourced chemicals that can break down without affecting the wildlife.

It might seem like your one washing machine won’t have much of an impact, but if you go natural you may create a positive ripple effect and influence your friends and neighbors to go green as well! 

  1. Gentle on Skin

If you have sensitive skin, you know that some fragrances and soaps will cause you to break out. You might get a rash, pimples, or other symptoms across your skin.

To minimize your risk of an adverse reaction to a laundry detergent, consider natural detergent. This is a big benefit for people with eczema, children, and babies. 

  1. Better for Your Things

Both your washing machine and your clothes will thank you for using all-natural laundry detergent. Biodegradable natural detergents dissolve quickly and more easily in your washing machine, resulting in less build-up in the drum. They also drain much easier, so your drain and septic system won’t get clogged.

Likewise, although natural clothes detergent is tough on stains, it’s delicate on your clothes. Your fabrics are less likely to stain and won’t hold on to excess detergent. This means a longer lifespan for your favorite outfits! 

You can read more here about the benefits of natural laundry detergents. 

Use Natural Laundry Detergent and Never Look Back

Selecting the best natural laundry detergent will revolutionize your life. You’ll be able to enjoy cleaner clothes, a happier washing machine, and healthier skin. In addition, you’ll have a clean conscience because you know you’re doing your part to help your local ecosystem. 

So, the next time you’re shopping for a new detergent, opt for a natural laundry detergent. We’re sure you’ll be a convert.

If you enjoyed learning about natural detergents, we have lots of similar tips for the eco-conscious homemaker on our blog. Check it out for more! 

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