4 Key Reasons You Are Having Trouble Breathing

Are you recently experiencing shortness of breath? Have you been dealing with breathing problems for years?

There are many reasons why your breathing could be affected. These reasons depend on a number of factors, including physical and mental health, lifestyle, age, illness, and indoor air pollution.

Let’s explore some of these reasons to help you find the right breathing treatment.

  1. You Have Anxiety

Mental health may not be the first cause that comes to mind. However, anxiety is shown to impact breathing, causing shortness of breath and hyperventilation. If you’re suddenly experiencing breathing problems, you may be having a panic attack.

Anxiety increases your heart rate. During an attack, your muscles struggle to get oxygen. This problem causes your chest to tighten up, which impacts your breathing.

The good news is that you’re going to be okay. If you don’t have any underlying respiratory issues, your breathing will return to normal as you calm down.

  1. Acid Reflux Is To Blame

One of the most overlooked causes of breathing problems is GERD. This condition is more commonly known as acid reflux.

You may experience acid reflux after eating acidic foods, like spaghetti sauce, cheese, and processed meats. Stomach acid rises in your throat, also known as your esophagus.

The acid inflames the esophagus, causing respiratory issues. Thus, chronic GERD can lead to lifelong breathing problems if you don’t treat your acid reflux.

The best breathing treatment for this problem is a low-acid diet. There are plenty of healing foods for GERD. Leafy greens, oatmeal, bananas, and apple cider vinegar are great starts.

  1. You Smoke Cigarettes or Vape

Are you a longtime smoker?

You shouldn’t ignore chest pain or breathing problems. An underlying lung issue may be to blame. Smokers are highly vulnerable to cancer and emphysema, as well.

Talk to your doctor at the first sign of a breathing problem. If there is a serious issue, you want to catch it early. Your doctor can also work with you to quit smoking.

Vapers aren’t off the hook, either. While many former smokers credit vaping for helping them quit cigarettes, vaping still causes breathing problems.

Speak to your doctor about the health risks of vaping too. Consider stopping altogether if you experience any breathing issues.

  1. You Have a Heart Condition

Most heart conditions affect breathing. In fact, breathing problems are a sign of heart disease. These risks increase as you age.

Many heart conditions go undetected. That’s why it’s critical to examine any breathing issue, no matter how small.

For example, one of the earliest signs of atrial fibrillation is shortness of breath. However, you could easily mistake this sign before being winded. This condition causes the heart to beat irregularly.

Discover the Right Breathing Treatment

Finding the best breathing treatment starts with understanding the cause.

Could anxiety, GERD, smoking, or heart problems be the root cause of your breathing troubles? Remember these tips as you talk to your doctor.

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