5 Basic Toilet Repair Tips

Did you know that 640 people suffer a non-fatal accident in the bathroom per day? And one of the leading causes of bathroom accidents is leaking toilets or pipes since people can slip on the puddle that forms. Of course, not all toilet issues can cause serious injuries, but it’s best to fix them as soon as you spot them.

Would you like to know some basic toilet repair tips? If so, stick around since we will cover some simple plumbing problems and repair tips.

1. Non-Flushing Toilet

Out of all the possible toilet troubles you can have, a toilet that isn’t flushing is perhaps the most annoying one. Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a plumber to get it fixed since there’s an easy way to repair it. You’ll need to take a look inside the tank and check if the flapper (the thing that releases water to flow into the bowl) is damaged.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to get a new flapper since that’s preventing the toilet from flushing.

2. Water Continually Flowing

If you hear that your toilet keeps running for ten minutes after you flush, then you may have a problem with the fill valve. To fix a toilet with this issue, you’ll need to remove the fill valve and clean it. If the issue persists, you may want to hire a plumber to take a look at the toilet.

3. Toilet Leaking From the Base

As mentioned in the introduction, a leaking toilet can cause an accident if not dealt with quickly. Fortunately, fixing a leaking toilet is easy since you only need to replace the toilet’s base seal.

But, of course, you’ll need to make sure to place the seal correctly, so be sure to research well how to do it.

4. Moving Handle

If you notice the handle on your toilet wiggling a lot, you may have an issue with the chain connecting that handle and the flapper. You’ll need to open the tank and check if the chain has fallen off the toilet handle to fix this issue. If that’s the case, simply reconnect the chain to the toilet handle.

5. Toilet Overflowing

Perhaps the messiest of all toilet issues is an overflowing toilet. Fortunately, the repair is much easier than you think and may even take less time than cleaning the mess it caused. To fix this problem, get a toilet plunger and start to plunge the toilet bowl.

After a while, you’ll loosen whatever is clogged in the pipes, and your toilet will be working correctly.

Toilet Repair Made Easy

Hopefully, with these toilet repair tips, you can fix a toilet without needing a plumber. But, of course, some issues can only be fixed by a plumber, so if a problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. And don’t forget to bookmark this post, so you can refer to it when you need to!

What toilet repair tips do you know of? Please let us know down below! And if you want more tips about improving your home, be sure to check out our other topics!

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